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Buy Hosting, Get .website Too

Posted by Kate on 12th December 2014


Our crazy Black Friday sale weekend is over, but you still have time to get in on some of the year’s best deals from Namecheap. This week’s featured offering: A free .website domain name when you buy full-featured hosting for only $9.88.

ICANN released the .website top-level domain in September 2014, and it has become a fast favorite. Any time you’re asking yourself how to name a new website, .website is bound to be a good answer. And now your .website comes free with purchase of the best shared hosting plan at the lowest price you’ll find anywhere.

Get to know Namecheap Shared Hosting: Plans start at just $9.88 for the first year, for 20 GB, unlimited bandwidth, support for up to 3 websites and 100% uptime guaranteed. In most cases, $9.88 is less than the cost of a domain name.

The free .website offer is valid with purchase of any Namecheap hosting plan (excluding Email Hosting). Click here to compare plans. There are no limits on this offer; buy as many hosting packages as you like and get a free .website to go with each one. Happy holidays from Namecheap!

Get Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

Posted by Kate on 28th November 2014


Winter is upon us, and that means holiday shopping. Namecheap is pulling out all the stops this year. We are your source for all the best prices on domains, hosting, SSLs, and email.

We’ve assembled an all-star cast of amazing offers: .website and .club registrations at $0.98, three-month Reseller hosting packages for $0.98, first-year Value plan shared hosting $0.98, first-year email packages $0.98, one-year .com/.net/.org registrations and transfers $0.98, and one-year Comodo PositiveSSL certs $0.98.

We’re also clearing out our stock of dedicated servers, selling them at an unheard-of $48.88/mo. using the “lucky dip” system. You’re guaranteed a minimum configuration, but if you’re lucky, you’ll get a server with higher config!

How can you take advantage of these deals? It’s all about timing. The offers change every hour, on a rotating basis. So be sure you check back often. The promotion runs 12:01am to 11:59pm EST Friday Nov. 28, 2014 and repeats 12:01am to 11:59pm EST Monday Dec. 1, 2014. Go there now!

Bitcoin Black Friday

Posted by Kate on 25th November 2014

As the first major domain registrar to accept Bitcoin as a payment option, we’ve always been huge proponents of the currency and its potential to breathe new life into the payments ecosystem.

That’s why Namecheap is proudly teaming up with Bitcoin Black Friday to offer a sweet deal to Bitcoin users. We encourage everyone to get involved with using this great new form of currency.

On Black Friday (Friday Nov. 28, 2014), any time you add 0.1 Bitcoin to your Namecheap account we’ll include a bonus – an extra 20% midnight to 2am, an extra 15% 2am to 6am, and an extra 10% 6am to 11:59pm. All times listed are EST.

Check out for more info.

We’re improving your experience

Posted by Matt Russell on 18th November 2014

10 years ago was hosted in its entirety on just a single physical server.

Over the years as we’ve grown, to over 1 million customers managing 4 million domains, our infrastructure base has also grown. With hundreds of thousands of customers and visitors visiting us every day to register their domain, to purchase a hosting package, to manage their existing domain, add a SSL certificate or take advantage of our private email, infrastructure is an important part of the Namecheap organization.

At the time of writing (November 18th, 2014), is hosted on a powerful multi-server VMWare environment in our Atlanta datacenter.

As of the week commencing November 24th, 2014, is going to be hosted on a new VMWare environment with approximately 300 x the horsepower of the older setup. The new VMWare environment will be hosted out of our Phoenix datacenter.

Yes, you read that right. 300 x more power than our old platform.

We’re doing this for you, our customers. Namecheap, as you probably know, is 110% committed to deliver an amazing customer experience. This includes great products, the best support in the business, a total commitment to privacy and best practices in security. And this all begins when you access

This commitment is why we’re making a significant seven figure investment into our infrastructure that will drive into 2015 and far beyond. It is the biggest single investment we’ve made into our infrastructure to date. And as the executive leading this initiative, I’m incredibly proud we’ve made this investment and I’m excited to show you, our customers, how this will improve your experience. Interested in the tech specs, the geeky stuff? Then read on….

We’re completely overhauling our network setup in Phoenix. We’re installing brand new Juniper M104 routers in a N+N redundant model.  Our new routing engine gives us 320Gbps of bandwidth capacity.

Juniper MX104 before any fiber is connected

Juniper MX104 before any fiber is connected

Our core switching is a mixture of Juniper and Arista. Our core switching model is capable of delivering multiple 10G low latency connections to our rack switching. The low latency is especially important for the storage element of our VMWare cloud.

Ethernet and fiber patch panels in our switching racks

Ethernet and fiber patch panels in our switching racks

Security is very important at Namecheap. We operate a policy of security through obscurity so there will be no photos or descriptions of the security devices in use. But I will say we’ve taken a best-in-class procurement process in selecting hardware for firewalling, DDoS detection, DDOS mitigation and more.

Dell M1000E ESXi Hosts

Dell M1000E ESXi Hosts

We’re using extremely powerful Dell blade servers to provide the underlying physical hardware for VMWare. Each server contains multiple E5-2650v2 CPUs, maximum RAM allocations and a plethora of 10G ports to connect to our storage infrastructure. Use of the M1000e chassis improves cabling, improves reliability and reduces energy consumption.

Dell Compellent Storage

Dell Compellent Storage

Storage is provided courtesy of Dell Compellent SANs. We run several tiers of storage to cover read intensive, write intensive and slower backup/archive needs. These tiers are achieved through different SSD and SAS disks, all redundant and all hot swappable in the Compellent chassis.

Fast SAS Disks

Fast SAS Disks

The completed build – minus some tidying, cable management and general house-keepings, looks something like this: cloud cloud

At the time of writing, is still hosted on the older Atlanta VMWare setup. There will be a maintenance window of approximately 3 hours of downtime to migrate to the new infrastructure setup I’ve described above. If you’re reading this before this maintenance occurs, then stay tuned for the announcement of when this will be. If you’re reading this while the maintenance is occurring then please sit tight while we make these improvements – they’ll definitely be worth it!

Questions? Ask via the comments below and I’ll check in periodically to answer.


Get Web Hosting for less than a Domain Name

Posted by Matt Russell on 11th November 2014

You can now get Web Hosting from Namecheap for less than a Domain Name costs to register with our new, refreshed shared hosting service.

We’ve massively reduced the price of the first year of all of our packages. This means you can purchase a fully-featured Value Package for just $9.88 for the first year.

The Value Hosting specs are as follows

  • $9.88 first year cost
  • $38.88 renewal in year 2
  • 20GB RAID protected and SSD accelerated disk space
  • Unlimited / unmetered bandwidth
  • Host up to 3 websites (1 main domain, 2 addon domains)
  • cPanel control panel
  • 100% uptime SLA
  • Namecheap’s awesome 24×7 support, via live chat and ticket

You can view the full specifications and compare all hosting packages here, and ordering takes just a couple of minutes.


Making the best hosting even better

For a long time, we’ve been delivering killer web hosting services. I’ve blogged about this before when I asked the question if a domain registrar can be a good web host. And since then, hundreds of thousands of people have started using our hosting services and are very happy with the service received.

We cut no corners in delivering fast, reliable and secure hosting — backed by our acclaimed support team.

Already, we:

  • Use redundancy at all levels, including redundant power supplies, network connections and more
  • Use the latest Intel Xeon hardware with E5 CPUs, 64GB+ RAM and RAID10 storage arrays
  • Load fewer accounts per server than many of our competitors, giving each customer on the server a much larger resource allocation
  • Practice the strongest security techniques around

But innovation never ceases. We’re making even more improvements, this time around with the underlying server hardware that powers all of our shared hosting servers.

Dell M1000 Blade Array

Dell M1000 Blade Array

Introducing the Dell M1000E bladecenter chassis with M620 Dell servers.

Dell’s latest innovative server hardware, the Dell M1000E chassis with capacity for 16 full height server/storage sleds in just 10U of rack space is the hardware we are using to power our next generation of shared hosting.

The blade approach offers several benefits. These include:

  • Full redundancy at the network, power and management level.
  • Full redundancy at the disk/SAN level
  • Improved performance with a SSD accelerated SAN connected at 40 Gb/s to each blade
  • They’re more efficient, using less electricity, making us greener and kinder on the environment
  • Improved management interfaces make maintaining and administering these systems easier

So what does this mean to you, our customers?

It means already reliable hosting is even more reliable.

It means already highly performance hosting runs even faster, with our generous resource allocations

It means our approach to being green and kinder to the environment is even more effective

We’re proud of the level of service we deliver across all Namecheap services. And we’ve just upped the bar once again in providing the best hosting service around. And if you’re stuck on a competitor with overloaded, slow servers, unresponsive support and overpriced hosting plans, it’s now even less expensive to switch to Namecheap. And what’s more, we’ll even help you move with our Migration Assistance.




Happy Birthday, Namecheap!

Posted by Kate on 24th October 2014


Guess who’s having a birthday? Namecheap, that’s who. October 24 marks 14 years of life for this domain registrar and web host. There would be no Namecheap without Namecheap customers, so it’s obvious that the only way to celebrate is with a special birthday offer designed just for you, our loyal customers.

For one day only, October 24, you get $1 off the yearly price for any .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info renewal. It’s Namecheap’s birthday gift to you. There are no limits, and multi-year renewals are A-OK. If you renew for 5 years, you save $5.

You don’t need a coupon code to take advantage of this offer. Simply select which domain(s) to renew from inside your account, and the reduced price will be applied to your shopping cart. Click for details. Thanks for making the last 14 years so great!

A handy ccTLD guide from Namecheap

Posted by Kate on 17th October 2014


The internet is the natural habitat for the modern global citizen. Though the human race continues to physically migrate over country borders at an ever-increasing rate, the internet is one of the most potent tools of globalization. It fosters digital friendships between Lagos and London, and Bangkok and Baghdad, even between people who sit on opposite sides of the office.

However, the internet does still respect old-fashioned borders sometimes. One such example is the use of ccTLDs (country code top-level domains). These two-letter identifiers sit on the end of our domains, informing us of the country of origin or association. These ccTLDs help us decipher some of the mystery of the online global community. Stumble across a .ca domain, and you know you’re dealing with a Canadian site. But, of course, this isn’t a completely definitive rule. Many radio stations use the .fm identifier to convey their original broadcasting method, but that certainly doesn’t mean they’re all located in the Federal States of Micronesia.

So, .ru wondering what a particular domain stands for? Ever wonder if a domain owner is one of .us? Well, thanks to our guide, now it’s easy to find out everyone’s .id! Okay, .nf of that.

Take a little time to play with the map. It includes useful extra information, such as restrictions for acquiring certain ccTLDs. This could be helpful if you want to name your new domain creatively – in the same manner as and – or it may simply improve your internet repertoire, allowing you to pinpoint locations for some of the cool pages you encounter while browsing.
Check out the map here:


365 Amazing Available .IO Domains (+$10 OFF!)

Posted by tc on 4th October 2014

It’s not always easy to find quality available domain names so we rolled up our sleeves and did the work for you! Below, you’ll find hundreds of amazing available .io domains, ready to be registered on Namecheap! For a limited time, you can get $10 off the regular .io registration price with the coupon code “yoio”

.io domains

Note: these will go fast and we likely won’t be able to keep up with removing registered domains from the list. Grab these while they’re still hot! Simply click a domain below, add it to your cart, and use the coupon code YOIO.

Our Favorites

Dictionary Words



New Namecheap iOS App

Posted by Kate on 22nd September 2014


You’re on the go, so you need to be able to handle business on the go. We get it. Our new iOS app provides the mobile freedom you crave: Use it to register domain names, manage settings, add funds to your account, even submit support tickets, all from your iPhone or iPad.

And for a limited time, you can register or transfer your .com domain for only $5.88 when you download the free Namecheap app. First, visit the Apple App Store and download it. Then, use the app to register or transfer your .com and enter coupon code NCIOS at checkout. Head to the app store now!

Dear FCC: Please Don’t Flush Away Net Neutrality

Posted by Kate on 2nd September 2014


Here at Namecheap, we believe strongly in free and open Internet for all – and that’s why we think it’s vital to spread the word about net neutrality before it’s too late. Read on for more info!

What’s net neutrality?

Net neutrality is about equal treatment for all Internet users. It’s the idea that everyone should have equal access to all content on the Internet. We believe that Internet service providers should not be allowed to discriminate when it comes to content delivery.

Who’s this FCC?

The FCC is the Federal Communications Commission. They are the US government agency in charge of regulating wire, radio, TV, and cable communications for the nation.

What’s the problem?

Lately, the FCC seems intent on creating an Internet “fast lane.” This means that broadband providers like Comcast and Time Warner would be allowed to offer big companies faster content delivery, leaving smaller startups and individuals in slower tiers.

So let’s send the FCC a message!

If you think a slow lane is wrong, and if you want to continue having full access to the Internet you know and love, then help us tell the FCC not to flush away our rights. Visit and…

• Check out the music video posted there – it’s a message for the FCC.  Watch it, share it, sing it in the shower.

• Help us raise funds for online freedom fighters Fight for the Future – and get a fab deal on a domain name at the same time. One-year transfers $3.88 and first-year registrations $5.88!

• Sign the petition to preserve net neutrality.

The fight is far from over. Stay tuned to Namecheap for more opportunities to take positive action on this important issue.