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Great News About Our Affiliate Program

Posted by admin on 3rd September 2009

After we launched our Affiliate Program, blogger Andy Beard was concerned that anyone he referred would not be able to use NameCheap coupons. Since he didn’t want to rip off his readers, he didn’t want to join.

We found these concerns to be legitimate so we took it up with our CTO. According to our CTO Mohan Vettaikaran, “All coupons except the ones that are marked as ‘no affiliate commission when this coupon is used for purchase are good for affiliates’. When we release such coupons, we will specify that information with that coupon.”

We apologize for the confusion, but are happy we have a solution that prevents affiliates from ripping off customers.

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  1. [...] as I hoped have been fast to clarify that their affiliate program will work with their standard coupon [...]

  2. dinesh parmar says:


    Thanks for sharing information. I have personal experience working on affiliate marketing with I have started it with my part time income now I am earning full time. Your information will surely help me to increase more profit. I just refer my friends from facebook and myspace and wrote articles and blog on health. thats it..thanks once again.

    Dinesh Parmar

  3. I like yur update on name cheap, i believe it will improve
    sales on any online affiliate marketing

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