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Contest: Show Off Your Pets

Posted by Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager on 1st November 2010

For the month of November, Namecheap is having a contest — we want you to show off your pets! Winners will win cameras and domains.

Here’s how it works: All you need to do is take creative photos of your dogs, cats, horses, cows, fish, iguanas, ferrets, snails, donkeys, monkeys, birds — you name it. Then, to enter fully into the contest, do the following:

  • Upload the photo to any photo or web hosting service.
  • Link the URL to the photo in the comments of this post. Tell us about your pet and be creative.
  • Share the submission on Twitter as well by sending a tweet to our attention with hashtag #ncpets. For example, a tweet can be: @namecheap I posted my pet alligator to the comments of the post at #ncpets. Submissions must include the URL, hashtag (#ncpets), and @NameCheap so that we see it.

Hurry, contest ends on November 15th!

We’ll upload those to our Facebook account and then pick the top 10. The finalists will be judged by public vote! Three winners (as selected by popular vote) will receive Canon’s brand new SD 4000 IS / IXUS 300 HS (valued at $329) and 30 winners (as selected by Namecheap) will receive $10.16 domain name credits.

Hello, I am Obi the ugly cat.

Some other rules:

  • One entry per person, please.
  • Submissions must be original. We will be doing reverse image searches to ensure that everyone submits creative and original photos. If you don’t have a pet, you can still play — just take a picture of a friend’s pet. Or just ask them to do it for you.

Note: All comments are premoderated and will not show up immediately. Additionally, we will be manually uploading the photos to the Facebook page. It won’t be immediately placed there. If your photo is not there right away, don’t worry — we just haven’t gotten to it yet and will be doing so as quickly as we can.

* An equivalent item may be substituted based on availability.

    274 Responses

  1. Suresh says:

    My sweety! She loves red color. She hides herself behind the door when i call her.

  2. NGPriest says:

    @namecheap I posted my pets to the comments of the post at #ncpets

  3. This is Sirene, she’s a Devon Rex!

  4. Jenny says:

    This is Yogi, my puppy-dog-bear. He’s 6 months old but looks like a confused but utterly loyal little sheep most the time. He’s a Bischon Frise with a bit of Schnauzer in him and pure cute.

  5. Xii says:

    Nice One! I’m planning to join! Must ready now. :) Thanks for the contest!

  6. Kecia says:

    This is my golden retriever, Charmin. The photo is an older one, but it is my favorite one every taken of him. He is now 3 years old. When this pic was taken, he was asleep on the floor. I got up from my laptop and left the room for about 30 seconds, when I returned, I found that he had jumped up on the couch and had taken over my laptop! :)

  7. Jeff Conway says:

    This is my dog Suki, (soo-kee); she is a Shorkie (Schnauzer Yorkie mix) I love her a lot.
    She’s very cute..

  8. This is a photo of Teddy, our outdoor kitty. I was worried about him climbing the sassafrass tree, but he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

    He makes for a beautiful fall photo!

  9. Jeff Conway says:

    This is my dog Suki, (soo-kee); she is a Shorkie (Schnauzer Yorkie mix) I love her a lot.
    She’s very cute..

  10. Josh Hunter says:

    This is my feisty little pup, Nemo.

    She loves to run around and play. She bites about everything she can get a hold of, including your shoes/socks and your jeans.

    She’s loves getting attention, and is a pretty spoiled little pup :p

    She doesn’t like being left alone, and will make a pitiful cry if she can’t find you, that will make you go “Awww..”

    1/2 Lab, and 1/2 Mutt, she’s one of the cutest puppies I’ve seen :)

  11. I have a CAT named ROMEO he is very very cute and naughty here is the whole album

    @namecheap I posted my pet alligator to the comments of the post at #ncpets

  12. Adam says:

    I think Pumpkin is either yawning or voicing his disapproval about something I designed.

  13. Kyle Hayes says:

    This is my calico cat, Bella:

    She always sleeps and relaxes in the funniest positions. Here she looks as if she may be flying or getting her nails done :-P

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  15. Elbert says:

    Does my baby count?

  16. “Crazy Mama Chicken” (we’re not very creative with naming the animals…)

    She actually adopted us when her humans temporarily moved away. During that time she had at least 22 chicks. In this photo, she has 13, though you probably can’t spot them all.

  17. Darqueangel says:

    Here is my playful Frankie! SCARY but LOVELY! :-)

  18. tamar says:

    Elbert, go for it. I have a baby and no pet myself ;)

  19. Hyony says:

    That’s my dog Johnny

    He may looks like a Doberman, but in fact he’s a cat!.. or at least he act like one lol

    And he’s such a coward, even simple cardboard boxes scare him away xD

  20. Hernan ordaz says:

    This is my little hamster Tiny! I finally got her to stay still for this picture :)

    And by the way, the website where the picture is hosted is my very own website registered under namecheap ;)

  21. Steven says:

    Here’s my dog Klondike (named after the mountains—yes a big name for a small dog). He enjoys suntanning, tummy rubs, and chasing after flies.

    He’s one of the most kindhearted most intelligent dogs you’ll ever meet. On two occasions when his mother lily had a set of other puppies, he ended up taking father responsibilities, cleaning after the newborns and ensuring that they were always safe and not leaving the basket we set them in,

  22. Benjamin says:

    Thats Frank…. he loves human food…. and wont eat much of anything else…. he is really picky!

  23. Carol says:

    This is Mocha Joy, a friend’s dog, dressed up as a rooster for Halloween. Bark-a-doodle-doo.

  24. This is Badger. He’s actually more of a friend than a pet but since he’s small and furry (and he can’t talk back) I hope he will be accepted into the pet competition.

    Here he is on Christmas Day enjoying the festivities and opening his present after taking part in the nativity at church and a big Roast Turkey dinner

  25. Melissa says:

    This is my cat Shaboo.

    He behaves more like a dog than a cat, and he acts like some cranky old man most of the time, but he’s still awesome :).

  26. Holly says:

    This is my little chiweenie, Chibi. Chibi in case you don’t know means little in Japanese. He’s quite the energetic little 1 1/2 yr old with his short stubby legs and “bear” paws as we call them since they’re a little bigger then his legs. He’s quite the little camera hog and anytime he sees my phone he’s right up and posing in some cute little way to try and get me to snap a pic. Doggie model? I think so.

    Here’s Chibi waking up from a nap at my moving around on the bed, putting his favorite little toy in his mouth and rolling around.

  27. Emi* says:


    This is my cute and chubby Lola :)

  28. Michael says:

    This is my dog, Bisquit:

    Every time I see him lying on the couch, he has his tongue out like a little kid.

  29. Casey Farkas says:

    This is my beautiful half-Jack Russell half-Chihuahua, it’s the best of both worlds until someone passes the house, lol. Taken with my iSight camera, my crapy old camera broke, hehe.
    My cat should be a dog too, I have to close my door at night because he tries to hump my leg! (he is neutered).

  30. bunyawan says:

    This jhico, my pet snake, he’s benign, but very greedy. he ever bit me because I hide he’s food. huhu.. it’s very fun, I love him.

  31. bunyawan says:

    This jhico, my pet snake, he’s benign, but very greedy. he ever bit me because I hide he’s food. huhu.. it’s very fun, I love him.

  32. My dog, Dixee:

    She’s a purebred black lab, and refuses to go to the bathroom if the grass is wet.
    And yes, she does seem to like picking her nose with her tongue. Or at least trying. ;)

  33. Alejandro says:

    this is Maddox, our baby bulldog

    isn’t he cute? haha, a fashion victim whit his collar!!

  34. tuwu says:

    I know should be photo, but I’ve got a nice video of my cat Janusz :]


    and a mirror (

    Whisky was sleeping on my desk in that picture. She used to attempt to rest on my arms while I was typing on the keyboard.

  36. Deanna says:

    This is our pet fish named Sunya. He’s a Siamese fighting fish and I think he looks one of the spitting dinosaurs in Jurassic Park when he gets mad haha.–Uszdznbg8/s512/HPIM1249copy.jpg

  37. Mark Rubrico says:

    We’ll here’s a photo of my two mini pins celebrating christmas with my wife.

    Their names are aDobe and aKara. adobe was unwanted by its original owner and we adopted him. Both of them have very different personalities with aKara ( the female ) being Ms. Mischief while aDobe being the very reserved but moody male.

  38. PingPao says:

    Here’s Wasabi showing off fall’s hottest accessory.

  39. Jeff says:

    This is our baby (Liley) – she is the model for our site:

  40. Juniper says:

    This is my toad! His name is Mr. Pebbles and he is quite the photogenic animal (in other words, he is a camera hog!). However, he likes to throw diva tantrums and sometimes when I get him out to take pictures he hops around so much that I can’t get a good picture of him. Luckily he decided that he wanted a close up on this particular day, so this picture was born.

    I have my Chinese Oriental Fire-bellied toad for about two and a half years. He is a hardy companion and is always very cute. He is especially cute when he makes these precious little piping sounds that don’t even sound like toad noises. I also have another toad of the same species named Tiger, but once I went on a two month vacation (and left my little friends in good hands, of course) and when I came back he tried to bite me (although I am pretty sure they have no teeth…), so he is not as nice to me.

    Mr. Pebbles asked me to enter his picture in this contest. He loves it when people look at him. (:

    Thank you!

  41. Alex says:

    Kovu the Great Dane being awesome and clearly comfortable ;)

  42. This is Lucy. She’s a hedgehog. At the time of the picture she was only a couple months old. She loves to eat mealworms and crickets. My two cats aren’t sure what to make of her. When I put her down to run around, they gently paw at her, them promptly shake their paws as if they’ve stepped in water.

  43. Tony David says:

    This is Cat, the wandering cat. She’s not really my pet actually, as I don’t have any pets. I suppose she’s the cat from someone in my street but really have no idea.

    I just know she spends most of her time in my yard and sometimes in one of my trees, so I guess I could consider her a bit as my pet.

    Cat is a bit of a loner, she really doesn’t care much about what others are doing, and just minds her own business and expects you do the same.

    But she didn’t mind if I took a picture of her, a little bit of vanity never hurts.

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  45. tronik says:

    (Anatolian Shepherd Dog)

    Been living abroad for almost three years now. Always in different locations, so couldn’t make any real friends. One night when I was on my way home, this little fella crossed my way. He was so cute! He followed me home and I put out some milk in my garden, the next morning he was still there and he had drunken the milk. So I kept giving him milk. Sometimes he was shaking, like he felt cold. Took him to the vet, there was nothing wrong with him. He was just too young to be on his own.
    I though, on some point we have a lot in common, all alone in this world. So I kept him, took care of him and now we are the best buddies :)
    Called him Leon cause he likes to lle like the Sphynx in Egypt :)

  46. Bruna says:

    This is Preta, my cat, she usually looks angry, runs away from people and isn’t exactly the most docile cat in the world, but deep down she is a sweet and I love her

  47. I’m afraid of dogs.


    Any size, any breed, it doesn’t matter, they all scare me!

    The problem is though that my kids wanted a dog. So what’s a guy to do?

    I’ll tell you what he does… he compromises and tells them, “if you want a dog then we’ll get you a ‘dog’ ”

    See the picture to see my genius way of getting them a dog that I wouldn’t be scared of:

  48. Alvina says:

    That is my dog Nicki and my kitten Jamie. After a hard day of chasing each other throughout the entire room they finally decided to lay down and take a rest. Nicki takes care of Jamie, almost as if she’s an adoptive mother. Unfortunately when I moved I had to leave Nicki behind but Jamie and I still have this photo so we won’t miss her that much, won’t we Jamie?

  49. USA216 says:
    I took this picture of my cat Sharky while it was playing in our garden and suddenly it saw a bird, so he hid among the plants trying to catch it. Unfortunatly it fails.

  50. Columbo is a Newfoundland dog. He is an emotional pet who enjoys a good cuddle. Columbo has had a lovely upbringing spending most of his time licking his rather large paws. Other things Columbo enjoys are stereotypical of the Newfoundlands;
    Walks, Runs, general movement to be exact. Fetch is always a game Columbo excells at. I can’t remember a time he hasn’t brought back the stick.
    If I was to sum Columbo up in one word it would be “flawless”.
    For Columbo not to win would be a travesty, as he is quite clearly the most attractive pet within this competition…

    I rest my case.

  51. Ben Linford says:

    This is my old pal Dino;

    I’ve had the privilege of spending the majority of the past 8 years with him.
    Dino has a funky set of lower teeth, which drive the ‘bitches’ crazy.
    A true friend, Dino is very loyal and obedient, but he knows all that he does and does not want.
    His ears perk at the slipping thud of a knife, as it skims a block of cheese.
    He gives as much as he receives.
    His younger brother Rocky, can be a handful, but Dino deals with this in a manner, in which the most respected of Gentlemen would nod to.


    Hello, here is Miki, my dog.
    It’s curious, a real explorer of our garden :)
    It plays with me, with my mother and like to run like crazy.

    It’s an American Staffordshire, a lovely 1 year and 6 month dog.

    Thanks and see you soon.

  53. Jenny says:

    The little cherub-dog above is named Lulu and she is a puggle, which is a pug and beagle mix. She’s quite mellow for a dog but loves playing with humans and other dogs as well anywhere! Even while in the car with the rest of our family, other drivers will roll down their windows and get to know this cutie!
    Lulu takes on the lazy temperament of a pug but can really show a beagle’s outgoing and enthusiastic personality. She really loves sleeping, food and playing with her best friend dachshund-chihuahua mix Honey!

  54. Kari says:

    Here is my new Maltese/Yorkie puppy Sophie. She is 11 months old and she’s the cutest thing ever. She will throw her own toys and walk the furniture like a cat and has the appetite of a pig. She is also part goat as she’ll eat anything.

  55. Ryan Trusty says:

    Yukon is a 5 year old lab, husky, shepherd, terrier with a small bit of pitbull in his snout and growl. Best trail companion a man can wish for as he’s seen here atop Waterrock Knob on the Blue Ridge Parkway taking in the view.

  56. Bill Layton says:

    This is our family dog, Nikect. Strange name you say? Nikect is Shuswap language for “forest”. Nikect is half black lab and half Merama, the latter being an Italian breed of sheepdog used in the mountains of Northern Italy.

    He is a darn fine dog, every morning he comes in to wake us up and he will have a sock or some other clothing in his mouth to show us. He never destroys anything in the house, seems to have a lab’s soft mouth that way!

  57. Louise Grace says:

    This is Lurch the tortoise. He lives in the garden and is about 60 years old. He loves dandelions more than anything on this planet!

  58. Jemil says:

    Here is my cat

    Its cool boots and man is it crazy sometimes it jumps out the window just to get bird or some times it sits on the iron bored and gets ironed :P But that the end of the day she is cute…

  59. Ash says:


    Upload and share your pet pictures at

    View, rate and comment submitted pet pictures!


  60. Bill Fikes says:

    This is Baby getting some Sun and putting down some roots

  61. mang says:

    this is Bonnie on the left and Clyde on the right bearded dragons 3 years of age


    His Name is TIKKY MOUSE. He’s very adorable and cute. I and My Family love him a Lot.

    He loves to eat Peas, Cabbage, Grains and Chocolate (I give VERY small amount). He’s a Big Fan of MILK and occasionally I give him Fruit Juices :D

    Most lovable pet of mine till now :)

  63. James Poon says:

    This is our dog Kiki; we all call her Keeks. She’s always willing to play, and to make new friends. She is a very gentle dog, but a fierce guardian of our backyard.

  64. My pet: Sindy!

    [Image is hosted on my own website which was created for sharing dogs’ photos. “Shunik” means “little dog” in Armenian. The domain is bought from NameCheap :) ]

  65. My beautiful dog, “Lady” She loves going on long walks and running on the beach!

  66. JT says:

    Sophie the cat..yes her name actually includes “the cat”

  67. Alexander says:

    This is Camillo the fish my daughter Giulia wanted for his 4’s birthday. He is the playfish of our aquarium :)

  68. Asmar Amjad says:

    Here’s mine:

    He’s a male cat and I call him “Doraemon”, and i love him just as much as someone can do for his own son.

    He’s about 1 and a half year old approximately. (I don’t remember his birthday).

    Trust me, I love him a lot! :)

  69. Ryan Grieve says:

    This is my cousins new golden retriever named Tucker. He is adorable!

  70. Amanda L. says: These are my guinea pigs GG and Fred. GG is on the left and Fred is on the right. In February Fred passed away. The truth is, Fred is actually a girl, but my brother wanted a boy, but we couldn’t have a girl and boy, so he decided to name her Fred. These are my two favorite guinea pigs in the world.

  71. Fran says:

    This is my Maine Coon cat Jack. He has a black “M” on his forehead. He loves to talk and be held. He is a year and a half with some growing to do still. This is the url for the picture

  72. tamar says:

    Anna, please make that photo viewable to everyone since we can’t see it. You can also upload it elsewhere.

  73. This is my cat Melanie, sleeping on one of my pillows (I had to change pillows too). She tends to fall asleep at random, weird places that we can’t help but take pictures of her.

  74. This is my picture:

    He isn’t my pet, but he’s a lovely little bird – a rainbow lorikeet, I believe – who visits us in our garden from time to time. He loves our grevilleas!

  75. Vicky says:

    This is one of my horses called Skiddaire. she’s a bay English Thoroughbred mare and she’s almost 21 years old (January 1st she turns 21). I’ve had her since she was 8 years and she has been with me through good and bad. She gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

    She never had a good early life like most horses do. She was beaten and abused and her hooves were left to grow so long she was unable to walk. They had pretty much written her off and left her for dead. She ended up being kept at one of my Dad’s friend’s houses where I used to go and ride her every weekend. My parents decided after much discussion to let me have her. I was 12 years old and so excited to have my first horse.

    We didn’t have the best of relationships to begin with. She used to do whatever she could to get me off her back. At one point she reared up with me on her back and fell backwards on top of me – Luckily I walked away unharmed. It’s quite understandable why she was like that really after the horror my poor baby had to endure before I got her.

    She had an accident about 4 years ago where she somehow got caught on barbed wire and managed to rip one of her back legs up so bad that I was told to brace myself for the worst. But because she is a fighter she pulled through and made a full recovery.

    She is my everything and I love her to bits. She does her best to cheer me up when I’m down. She does a few party tricks like giving kisses and ‘giving hoof’ when she wants a treat. Her favourite treat is custard cream biscuits. She will do absolutely anything for one.

    I also found out a few years ago that she is distantly related to Seabiscuit and Secretariat. And that she is from a family of successful racehorses.

  76. Kelly says:

    Introducing Cloud – the 6 month old “Jug” (Jack Russell/Pug mix). He has been a great addition to the family! Very cute and smart.

    Favorite activity would be fetch with annoying the cat in a close second!

  77. Umar Salim says:

    The picture you are seeing is my cat called Dora, she is really playful at times but doesn’t like to be picked up.

    She loves playing with paper, you could throw a piece of paper and she would chase after it – a nightmare if you’re organizing your paper work ;)

  78. tamar says:

    Regarding this contest, if you do NOT tweet (which is required by the rules), your entry does NOT count. If you are in doubt, please check our Facebook album; every valid entry has a “Twitter entry received!” note in the caption.

  79. Brian Yang says:

    Meet my lovebird, Mango:

    She loves to try to escape from the cage and is often successful, no matter what type of cage is used. She’ll always manage to escape somehow.

  80. Umar Salim says:

    I have tweeted it :)

    Twitter username: umarsa

    @namecheap I posted my cat to the comments of the post at #ncpets pic:

  81. Shane says:
    This is Oliver, my dog, he is a bit camera shy if you couldn’t tell :) (he’s covering his face from the camera).

  82. Hyony says:

    I tweeted my pet a few days ago but since I protect my tweets NC didn’t see it?

    No I unprotected it and tweeted it again:

    (I’m lumastral)
    @Namecheap I posted my Doberman Johnny to the comments of the post at #ncpets

  83. i4ever says:

    Wow! Hi!
    This is my cat . It’s called Antananarivo ( as the capital of Madagascar). It’s a funny cat which like popcorn and the mice. It isi playful , you can always stroke it. It loves to play with the dogs , but they must be carefull.
    When this cat was younger, it has an accident, but, with a lot of luck, Antananarivo survived.
    It is a great cat, a great pet, always with you!

    Twitter username : i4ever

  84. Linda says:

    This is my new kitten Olivia. When I got her from the shelter, she was very underweight, wasn’t eating or drinking and had a respiratory infection. A vet told me right away that she was too sick and I should put her down. When I got her home that night she immediately perked up and started eating and drinking. I took her back and the vet told me to give her some more time to get better on her own. A month later, she is the most cuddly, playful, gorgeous kitten ever and she’s even becoming a little chubby! Lesson learned: Always get a second opinion. I can’t imagine not having her living with me.

  85. Bill Kilborn says:

    Woke up one morning to this. 7 week old Zip in the bathroom sink!

  86. Jessika says:

    This is my cat socks, rescued from under a barn it now live happily attacking its poor owners :D We come home with socks lined up around the house and sleep with scratches on our arms. But we still love him- and could never let me go (unless he starts biting then we will probably let go of it)

  87. Adam Teece says:

    My girlfriend and I found a stray kitten outside her house and I was against keeping it, but I figured we could at least nurse it back to health and find her a good home.

    Well she grew on us because the very first night we had her in the house she sat on my shoulder while we watched some TV. So we decided to keep her.

    After we took her to the vet she was diagnosed with Ringworm though unfortunately and she had to get shaved for treatment. This just happened to fall on the weekend of a cold front. So we set out to find some clothing for her to keep her warm. We couldn’t find any small enough though, given that she is only 8 weeks old. So with some creativity and the idea from a nice lady at the vet, we cut some holes in a sock and had an instant kitty sweater.

  88. My wife had lost both of her sisters within 2 weeks of each other and she became understandably and deeply depressed. Our 3 children knew of her falling in love with Greyhounds on one of her trips to Florida and arranged for us to rescue a Greyhound from Florida through a Toronto rescue group (we are in Barrie, north of Toronto). This was to be my wife’s therapy – and indeed it was. While we rescued a beautiful animal from an unknown fate, my wife was also rescued from her depression. As empty-nesters, Tunku (a name chosen by friends of ours and is Malaysian for “Royal Prince”) filled a void in our lives, brought back happiness to my wife, and is truly a part of our family – loved by all he meets. A big boy, all 94 lbs, never barks, gentle as a kitten, and loves every person and animal he meets. A visit to a hospital or seniors home becomes almost a day-long event as no one wants us to leave. Coming from Florida, he is not a lover of our Canadian winters and we have many coats and boots for him to wear (most made by my wife).

  89. Heather says:

    Hello :)

    This is our kitten Milo;

    He is a very cuddly 6 month old kitten who is very akin to a magpie. He will pick up anything, including the little mouse you can see in the picture, especially if it’s shiny. We have to hide money from him as he has a tendency to walk off with it :P

  90. Loloy says:

    Meet Bodjie, our darling doggie who always lightens up our day. Everybody at home thinks of this cute little bundle of joy every passing day.

    He is makes our day complete…

  91. Our Siamese rat Georgina will let me position her into different postures in a frozen sort of way. She is a very sweet girl!

  92. Georgina is a great mom to ten nice babies. All but two were adopted out to nice families with kids and the others remain residents with us!

  93. I took this photograph of my friend Paul’s Hawk as it was coming into land on his gauntlet for food.

  94. gri33ly says:

    Pictures illustrating a long way of life (14 years 1 month and 5 days) passed by my friend french bulldog Bilbo Baggins

  95. Audrey says:

    This is Billy the Border Collie at 8 weeks old. He’d been playing rough and tumble with his littermates and decided to take some time out in the shade!

  96. gri33ly says:

    Pictures illustrating a long way of life (14 years 1 month and 5 days) passed by my friend french bulldog Bilbo Baggins

  97. gri33ly says:
    Pictures illustrating a long way of life (14 years 1 month and 5 days) passed by my friend french bulldog Bilbo Baggins (selected photos,

  98. gri33ly says:
    Pictures illustrating a long way of life (14 years 1 month and 5 days) passed by my friend french bulldog Bilbo Baggins (selected photos,

  99. Alex Webley says:

    Nimue – forever beautiful, forever loved. Can you guess her breed of cat?

    She used to love stealing my office chair and wouldn’t give it back despite being so tiny. She trusted me so much she would bite and swat when I wanted my chair back (& only then). – In the end I bought another chair (and blogged about it).

    Nimue died on 30th August.

    Will Tweet @JoyWizard

  100. Asmar Amjad says:

    I’ve also tweeted it: ;)

    Twitter Username: asmar757

    @namecheap I posted my cat to the comments of the post at #ncpets my pet:

  101. Bolot says:

    This is my family and our lovely one-month blue-eyed Yakut laika puppy, Ogonyok.

    In Russian his name means “small fire.” Actually he is very quite. He can run and do his little stuff mainly on the carpet. But he is cute, and little eyes are still blue as oceans.


    This is my Syrian Hamster, called Henry enjoying some popcorn (she loves it) with myself after a long friday.. When we bought him from the pet store they told us the hamster was male so we called him Henry, however we have since realised he/she is a female. We tried to change the name but it didn’t work. We know the little thing as Henry, so we now have a female hamster called Henry :-)

  103. Hi, I’m entering our 4 pets in the contest. I hope you like them!

    Repo: An adorable Border Collie, sweet as can be with people and other pets, but tough as nails when herding cattle. Former #1 sheep and cattle herding dog in two states.

    Savvy: Our beautiful show champion Border Collie with 27 titles in 7 sports:

    Pamuk & Benekli: Two totally adorable and sleepy kittens rescued from the streets of Istanbul and rehomed by us in the USA:

    Clover: Our African Grey parrot who likes to tent camp and visit ancient Turkish ruins with us:

  104. Oops, I guess that was 5 pets!

  105. Deana Dmonte says:
    This is ‘Baby Jade’. She is a proper little lady and always gets her own way by striking a cute pose! She loves ice cream and chewing fingers. Her hobbies are chasing our cat and watching wildlife programs on TV. Her worst habit is trying to dance on my PC keyboard!

  106. Mark says:

    This is a classic picture of my dog, Bailey. You can find him lounging around like this most times of the day. This is one of his 25 favorite spots to sleep in the house, many I should do a series!

  107. Lori says:

    My Rat Terrier Libby doing one of her daily
    “Squirrel Checks”………

  108. Susan says:

    This is my wee Highland calf, Rugrat. She is 5 months old, and is such a soft and fuzzy calf.

  109. Maryan says:

    This is my dog “PUIK”, born in Turkey on the street,
    found and nursed by me and now living with me and
    his old spanish boyfriend Balduin, also a dog from the
    streets of Spain, in Vienna,Austria

  110. Trying to blend into the surroundings –

  111. Ian says:

    She is 1 year old and when she is not sleeping she is looking for trouble. She dribbles everywhere and and does not make for a good sofa companion as she weighs 44 Kg. But she is fab and cute and cuddly!

  112. Meet our two year old Yorkshire Terrier. Baby is a 3 pound 8 ounce rescue dog that joined our pack14 months ago. She is bright… funny… and thinks she is a rottweiler! She will step in between our 9 pound Teddy Bear puppy to protect her from any adversary… especially big dogs.

  113. Andy Stahl says:

    This is my little boy Casper, sporting the latest in sports apparel; a handmade Yankees fleece to keep him warm during the chilly Vegas winter nights:

    Such a sweet little boy!

  114. Izzy is a Shih Tzu who is very playful, protective and very nosey! She has to investigate every move or noise. she is a real joy and alot of company. I received her as a Father’s Day gift!

  115. tamar says:

    LOLOY – your image is not loading. Can you upload it elsewhere?

  116. TropicalRain says:

    What you looking at?

    My handsome U’j

    (Male Colby Pitbull)

  117. tamar says:

    Kirin – you didn’t submit a picture.

  118. This is an image of Caesar the cat taking an afternoon siesta with his arch-enemy Grover. This détente occurred after heavy fighting on both sides! I believe that Grover was seriously wounded in this battle. Long live Caesar!

  119. Amy P. says:

    “What, I’m ALWAYS cold… and this hot pot keeps me warm, even when it’s 90 degrees outside…” — Maki, the cat who loves the hot pot (an electric water heater for the kitchen) and sits on it almost 24/7.

  120. Donna Mahony says:

    This is my horse Lucky. He loves the camera and my vet usues this pic of him on his business cards!

  121. Thomas Fouts says:

    Kozmo Kazi Fouts, a wheelchair dog, enjoying one of her favorite pastimes – hunting minnows!
    Once Kozmo became accustomed to her wheelchair after a freak, back-breaking incident, she never looked back. She can do whatever any other dog can do, even roll over!
    She has even caught 15 rabbits while in her chair, using smarts as well as speed. As a paralyzed dog, she knows no bounds.

  122. Irfan says:

    Hello my animal friends,

    My name is Buby and I am one year old. I am not so social cat but I like to read books a lot. My dream is to catch real mouse one day.

  123. Irfan says:

    Hello my animal friends,

    My name is Buby and I am one year old. I am not so social cat but I like to read books a lot. My dream is to catch real mouse one day.

  124. James says:

    Our dog Otis He likes to wear hats.

  125. tifarez says:

    This is my cool iguana :-D ,
    the first image seen from the front, and another picture from the side

  126. My “Karate Bunny”. Like cammera, my wife picture capture all days, bunny is happy with pictures

  127. Lynn W says:

    This is a video of my 2 cats, Avee and Angelita. Avee is cleaning Angelita until the end when she gets testy, hisses and smacks him. They are litter mates. Avee is a classic grey/black./white/tan tabby male and his sister, Angelita is a gorgeous, loving, but sometimes testy calico.

    I have a funny photo of Angelita hanging from a hanging plant when she was much younger.

    Not sure how to upload and display for this contest.

  128. My photo on on Face Book Marie Zee Johansen. Specific photo page at :!/photo.php?fbid=1645798392551&set=a.1229481784896.34882.1464641323

    Great concept for a contest- thanks so very much for this unique opportunity!!

  129. added the website and blog information for my entry above

  130. Holly says:

    This is my little pride and joy that I call Panda. He’s ready for Thanksgiving. Even has his own turkey!

  131. Can we post a picture to a public Facebook Fan Page and point you to that URL there? I’d like to post mine to the BC and Alberta Guide Dog Services Facebook FanPage so I can share it with you. Or do you have another suggestion for a place I can post it to?

  132. tamar says:

    Erin, many people have done that already. We will just take that photo and repost it to our Facebook page — look at what the others have done to see what’s recommended ;)

  133. tamar says:

    This is a photo contest. Videos will not be counted.

  134. Tamar, That’s awesome! Thank you so much! Stay tuned… have a lot of puppy pictures to sort through to pick the best!


  135. Nicole says:

    This is Teddy, my mini dachshund.

    He is 7 years old, has a complete mind of his own, and is very curious.
    Great contest!

  136. Here is a pic of my kitten Dexter, who me and my girlfriend rescued from the cold winter outdoors last December. It’s obvious from the photo, he’s a happy little one.

  137. Gonzalo says:

    This is my lovely boxer Mora.

    After a tiring working day, she takes her favorite toy and makes me run chasing her. I think this is the only way you can lose weight with a donut ! :)

  138. This is my French Bulldog, Love-chan, at about 7 months.

  139. DJ says:

    This is Rocky, my sweet little man. His favorite thing is to nap on the couch & he loves to have his teeth brushed!


    This is Pebbles, my other sweet man ;) Pebbles is very smart & very curious and LOVES Whiskas treats. He also loves to nap in weird positions & sleeps in my bed under the blankets with his head on the pillow every night.

  140. Andy Web says:

    This is Sonya, the sweetest, smartest big Husky ever.

    She watches over everything – the other dogs, the neighborhood, us, the bed, and the food bowls, and she can smell ice cream from a block away.

    She knows everything that’s going on, and can say “I love you” in 2 languages.

  141. gri33ly says:

    Last day of my life Dog Bilbo Baggins,

  142. Yadhav says:

    Hello. This is Paul, the snail. Just like the octopus, he can compare and choose the best things. I left him to choose between NameCheap and other domain name registrars like ComeDaddy. Yeah, ComeDaddy. He chose NameCheap though! Paul is really sweet and intelligent. Hmm … Any suggestions for the domain name Paul wants to register? Paul wants something for the community of snails! Love Paul, the snail. :D

  143. Hi friends we are both twins and 2 years old.. Our name is MOMO and TOTO..and we are the best and cutest cats of the world…

    Our pic @

  144. Dirk-Jan says:

    This is the cat of our neighbor that hangs around our house a lot of the time. Though you can’t see it from the picture, but she (the cat, not our neighbor) has very poor eyesight.
    I am not sure about the official name, but we nicknamed her Stevie. We always must take care that we do not change the place of the outside furniture too often as she keeps on bumping into it afterwards.

    Anyway, here is Stevie:

  145. Yoram Tabori says:

    My grandson”Adi” and my pet ” K.J ” on an afternoon Siesta….:-)

  146. […] is hosting its first ever Show Off Your Pets Contest. We’re giving away domain name credits and cameras to winners of this contest, so enter today […]

  147. tamar says:

    James – your Facebook photos are private and we are unable to process your entry to the contest.

  148. hey namecheap :) guys
    see my pet cat , his name is “Mr. Billa”
    he is very cute, smart and stylish too
    he likes to sleep in my lap
    drinks lots of milk and eat fishes also

    in the fourth image he is just trying to see the fire,
    coz he had seen fire first time in his life

    it’s a “Diya” we indians celebrate a festival called Diwali/Festival of lights (5th nov) and i took the pic on the same day:)
    for more info google Diwali

    Here is the link to the image of my cat :)

    Both are same image
    In .png format (~3.5MiB)
    OR (namecheap hosting A/c)

  149. Amy says:

    My boxer Maximus! “I canz go swimmingz now?” lol

  150. this is my friend Dog Mason trying to get into the house. and i hope he is allowed in the contest

    this is my friend dog mason trying to get into the house. and we love namecheap its the reason my company buy alot of domains here.

  152. Justin Y says:

    Her name’s Loki, she loves to sleep and sit around ALL DAY. She has an adorable face and as you can see in the picture she loves to pose for the camera!

  153. Aine says:

    This is Ludwig von Happy, our beloved pomeranian. He’s a shelter dog, and has been in our family for almost a year and a half.

    I just moved his domain over to Namecheap! (

  154. dl meckes says:

    This is Nemo. We gave her a home and 8 days later, she surprised us with puppies!

  155. Steve Robillard says:

    This is a picture of my pet rock – Rocky and his pet mouse Max. I raised Rocky since he was a pebble. I didn’t know his father but everyone who did says Rocky is a chip off the old block.

  156. MDS says:

    My dog “Nika” very like lisen music

  157. Mark Pease says:

    This is the cute & cuddly Chico.

    He is approx. 9 weeks old. Having a little nap……..

  158. Mark says:

    This is the cute & cuddly Chico.

    He is approx. 9 weeks old. Having a little nap……..

  159. My lazy cat <3

    Rarely ever purrs, and greatly dislikes when you touch her stomach. When you do find the spot she likes, she will not let you stop… otherwise she'll eat your hand off.

  160. Doesn’t look like my IP has updated yet for… here’s a temporary link. (will probably be there for a few months)

  161. This is Otto the Plecostomus. I raised him from an inch long tadpole. He is about 14 inches long now. Very gentle, eats algae and fish flakes. You can’t pet him, and he doesn’t do tricks – he is a fish, after all :D. But I like him, even if he is ugly…


    URL didn’t appear for some reason. Let’s try this again.

    This is Otto the Plecostomus. I raised him from an inch long tadpole. He is about 14 inches long now. Very gentle, eats algae and fish flakes. You can’t pet him, and he doesn’t do tricks – he is a fish, after all :D . But I like him, even if he is ugly…

  163. Bonnie Y says:

    This is Bailey! I love him to bits. He’s a chubby pug who will sleep on your lap whenever he gets a chance.

  164. Jessica Hallett says:

    My wonderful 8 year old cat Phoenix. He’s a rock star impersonator. This is his Steven Tyler impression.

  165. Maryann says:

    Sneakers the cat

    Sneakers is always finding ways to get attention. Sometimes positive, sometimes negative, but her ways are always endearing. Since I am a librarian, I found this ploy particularly clever and charming. She is a most entertaining family member.

  166. Dan Kelly says:

    This is our cat Chewie. We gave her that name after she chewed through my mouse cord when she first came to live with us. She had to live entirely in the back bedroom for a while to make sure she didn’t have any diseases to give to our other cat, who has spent his entire life indoors.

    That’s kind of funny, a cat chewing through a mouse cord. It became less funny when she also chewed through my keyboard cord. I’ve since gone wireless.

    She likes to go spelunking under the covers when the weather starts turning cold.

  167. Ann + Kenny says:

    Meet Pai, our sweet & lovable frenchie… He’s now about 1year & 7months old, but these pics which were taken when he was only 4 months old describe his personality. He never gets mad and is always jolly. He enjoys taking pleasure in the simple things in life like the gentle breeze of the wind on a warm, sunny day. He speaks to us with his expressive eyes… usually to get what he wants like his yummy treats and hugs. At times, we find him pondering… What about we can only guess, but one thing’s for sure – we love him so much & can never get enough of him!


    This is a kitten I looked after for a while.
    Photographed with my Canon 400D.

  169. This is Mee moo…who is still so lucky to be with us, at a year old she got ran over and after two operations, the first to have her back leg which she broke pinned,which didn’t work, the bone didn’t knit together, the next to have her leg removed and twelve weeks later finally being allowed out again, her first day of freedom she got ran over again, lost her tail and broke her pelvis. But I’m happy to say she is now twelve years old and has never had another argument with a car.

  170. guille says:

    Here is my little cat Katy
    She is very cute and she likes to sleep in my lap when i´m watching tv

  171. Nerie says:

    This is my furry baby:

    She’s a beautiful salt n pepper grey schnauzer.. I used to dye her beard and give her mohawks and stuff with veggie dye! It’s not harmful at all and I don’t get it on her skin or anything and it doesn’t get into her waterbowl when she drinks….

    She loves it because she gets more attention! lol

  172. Nadine says:

    This is my pet “Putims” we got her from the sky. Literally, well, actually one day we saw her at our roof then we adopted her. She was my favorite kitten because she was really small, she never grew even if she was already almost a year old. She was fluffy and soft. But it was sad because one day someone stole her, I made her a website ( in hoping she’ll be found, and it was were I posted my messages to her. Because unlike all my other pets, when I was sad and crying she was there, while talking to her it’s as if she knew what I was talking about and that she cared…she’s the best pet I ever had.

  173. Matt says:


    This is my dog daisy at 11 weeks:

    She is now 2 years old.

    She is a 3/4 Border Collie and 1/4 Beagle and is tremendously intelligent as well as affectionate.

    My aunt had a litter and gave her to my Mom as a birthday present.

    She is one of the best gifts our family has ever had.

  174. Rebekah says:

    This is Rits. He is going on 7 yrs old and is of the melancholy sort. He sits and dreams most days. Of what I am not sure. But his eyes tell it all.

  175. Karl Barndt says:

    My cat Gremlin. She passed away this summer after giving us more than 15 years of joy. There will never be another one like her.

  176. CreativeMug says:

    Hi, This is Mojo The Labrador. He is very Cute, Intelligent & Naughty. He would do anything for a bowl of milk lol.. yes he loves milk very much. and i love him very much.

    checkout his personal site for more amazing photos and videos.

    Entry Photo :

    Mojo’s Website :

  177. CreativeMug says:

    Hi, This is Mojo The Labrador. He is very Cute, Intelligent & Naughty. He would do anything for a bowl of milk lol.. yes he loves milk very much. and i love him very much.

    checkout his personal site for more amazing photos and videos.

    Entry Photo :

    Mojo’s Website :

  178. Roshan says:

    Sorry. My previous comment is from CreativeMug. I made a typo error in that. please correct the comment with the site link. it is not “” it is “” without quotes.

    Thank you

  179. Roshan says:

    Hi, This is Mojo The Labrador. He is very Cute, Intelligent & Naughty. He would do anything for a bowl of milk lol.. yes he loves milk very much. and i love him very much.

    checkout his personal site for more amazing photos and videos.

    Entry Photo :

    Mojo’s Website :

  180. Jeff Davis says:

    Here is the most current picture of my dog Fang. I have had him since he was 2 years old.

  181. Ann + Kenny says:

    site didn’t post the 1st time so redoing…

    Meet Pai, our sweet & lovable frenchie… He’s now about 1year & 7months old, but these pics which were taken when he was only 4 months old describe his personality. He never gets mad and is always jolly. He enjoys taking pleasure in the simple things in life like the gentle breeze of the wind on a warm, sunny day. He speaks to us with his expressive eyes… usually to get what he wants like his yummy treats and hugs. At times, we find him pondering… What about we can only guess, but one thing’s for sure – we love him so much & can never get enough of him!

  182. tamar says:

    Ann + Kenny, actually, it’s there. Scroll up. ;)

  183. Red says:

    These aren’t exactly our pets but a trio of kittens that come and go as they please to our house. One rainy evening, we found them snuggling each other on our front door, in an effort to get warm. The picture was actually taken a few months ago already but has ever since been my favorite. They are now adults and have their own kittens already.

  184. Han says:

    You asked for a story so I’ve chosen Clipper. (of my many pets!)

    He’s your boring average veil tail betta splendens (siamese fighting fish) He’s a rescue job.

    Unlike most bettas he was kept in a good condition (not a tiny 1gallon ‘tank’ – thats another debate!!) but poor water quality or perhaps an accident with the filter caused all of his fins to rot away/be torn off.

    Either way, when I complained (loudly) at the fish shops treatment of bettas they offered to let me help and thats how I ended up with clipper. (so named because of the way his fins were clipped off!)

    Here he is from when I got him and how well his fins grew back with 100% water changes every 2 days, slightly warmer water and lots of salt :)

    And how he is now!

    A little video too!

  185. CreativeMug says:

    Hi, This is Mojo The labrador. He is very Cute, Intelligent & Naughty. He loves milk alot.
    He’d do anything for a bowl of milk lol.. Checkout this personal site for more amazing photos & videos.

    Entry photo :

    Mojo site :

  186. Livia says:

    Hey there! My name’s Livia and I’m excited to introduce you to my awesome pet, Willie.

    As you can see from the picture, Willie is a piglet! He has quite a unique story. After about a week of rain, our property had a minor flood. It took a day or so for the water to recede back down into our creek. I was headed down to the pigpen to (back then) my only pig, Lucy, the lovely red-haired tamworth. Lucy was making quite a fuss. Could it be because she was hungry? No. It seemed there was… a small black dog(?) running around the perimeter of her pen. I ran down. This was no dog. This was a pig tinier than a cat! I let him in the pen.

    Willie origins are still unknown today even though we called the ASPCA. He had a tag in his ear, so we knew he wasn’t wild. We know stray dogs and cats show up on people’s doorsteps, but pigs? This was definitely a once in a lifetime event.

    Today Willie is best friends with Lucy. Lucy is like a mother to little Willie, who is gradually getting bigger and fatter. ;)

  187. Tyler Fenby says:

    Pooka (left) and Moose (right) in a tub. Why? They think they’re people.

  188. Nura says:

    Hello my name is Toby, I’m very lazy dog as you can see, but I’m special. Because I’m only blue eyes dog between my brothers and sisters…

  189. John says:

    This is my pet cat sagwa, she has attitude and claws to match! : ) JohnTheSaiint@namecheap I posted my pet cat Sagwa to the comments of the post at #ncpets.

  190. Mary Ellen says:

    Clancy Bear’s very first “Snow Day” at 4 months old. You could hear him thinking, “There’s snow in Tibet, isn’t there?” We can’t wait for this season’s first snowfall!!

  191. She helps me when she has the time.
    In this one, she wanted me to break for lunch.
    (Hers, not mine ;>) )

  192. Mary Ellen says:

    Clancy Bear’s very first “Snow Day” at 4 months old last January. You could almost hear him thinking “There’s snow in Tibet, isn’t there?” He’s now 14 months old, and we can’t wait for this season’s first snowfall! Here’s an updated pic – still cute!

  193. Stan says:

    OK, here’s MY favorite pic of Clancy Bear – with HIS favorite ‘bear’… Clancy’s a classic Tibetan Terrier – smart, loveable, lively, full of mischief, and oh, so cuddley.

  194. Stan says:

    Previous post had wrong url…so,
    Here’s my favorite pic of Clancy Bear – with HIS favorite ‘bear’ … Clancy’s a classic Tibetan Terrier – smart, loveable, lively, full of mischief, and oh, so cuddley.

  195. Mary Ellen says:

    Clancy Bear’s first “Snow Day” at 4 months old, last January. You could almost hear him thinking “There’s snow in Tibet, isn’t there?” (He’s a perfect Tibetan Terrier). He’s 14 months now, and we can’t wait for this season’s first snowfall!

  196. tamar says:

    John, I do not see an associated image.

    Mary Ellen/Stan – got it. Some of those photos are private, though.

  197. This is Violet and she’s my sisters cockatiel.

    I took this photo a few months ago. She loves mirrors! She will tweet when she sees one, and tweets louder when you take it away. The bigger the mirror the better!

  198. The Happiest Dog In The World! –

    “i’m the handsome love bug…i know what you’re thinking….ya just wanna love me all up….” ;-)

    We’re so blessed by his L♡VE
    Aline [ArtWave]

  199. Sarah J. says:

    Bob came to us in NYC as rescue. At three years old he was highly aggressive, and in need of some love and understanding. Although his collar still warns guests with the statement “I bite,” he’s pretty much given up human flesh as a diet staple. At the age of 14, and a California cat now, he’s pleased to lie out in the sun, sniffing the breeze; his tail swishing back and forth, as he chases slow moving squirrels in his dreams.

  200. John Tollett says:
    This is the url for my cat Sagwa. She has attitude and claws to back her up!

  201. @danielooi says:

    Meet my pet, king (snake). He is a albino banded king snake. He is passive but not poisonous.

  202. dl meckes says:

    Meet Nemo, who joined our family, and who gave us puppies 8 days later!

  203. TIAN EN says:

    Here’s my sweetie. It is “thunderphohic”. This explains why it is right below my sofa. It’s bristling fur and trembling body indicate that it is really frightened. However, when the storm is over, it will continue to stay there as long as it like. It sport a pair of blue eyes that distinguish itself from other cats. I treat it as my younger sister rather than my pet.

  204. Melissa says:

    My Shih Tzu Mia being her photogenic self lol:

  205. Martin says:

    That’s Neerah, a young and playful mix of Rottweiler and German Shepherd… she’s got a distinct opinion on her diet, and a strong aversion against flower-power fillings in her bowl.

    But, to be honest: after the pic was taken, the flower was devoured nevertheless… ;-)

  206. Liz says:

    Some recent photos of Her Majesty Kitty:

    Kitty is over 13 years old, she’s very bossy and quite naughty, she won’t let us get another pet, as she’s our one and only owner ;)
    Here’s an old photo of her, with her very first kittens:
    As you can see she was a tough but loving mom ;)

    Also shared at twitter, username: veryboredme

  207. Elizabeth says:

    This is one of our ferrets, KC. He and his siblings were born at our local ferret shelter after a backyard breeder rescue in May 2007. KC and 3 of his brothers joined our family when they were 11 weeks old. KC is a big fellow, very laid back and extremely sweet. Recently some friends were visiting us. Their 6 yr old daughter was lugging KC around the house, petting him and hugging him, which he loved. She announced that KC was “the bestest one” of all our ferrets.

  208. Stan says:

    Let’s try this a different way.
    Here’s MY favorite pic of Clancy Bear with HIS bear. Clancy’s a classic Tibetan Terrier – super smart, loveable, lively, full of mischief and oh, so cuddley.

  209. tamar says:

    Stan, your comment has already been recorded. We are only accepting the first entry.

  210. Abangmandud says:

    this is my teacher’s eagle, it’s really greedy to eat the chicks

  211. Stacy Sugar says:

    Milo & Aspen waiting to go play in the snow

  212. This is my pet Doberman Pincher Rajha. She is a sweetheart and loves kids.

  213. Stacy says:

    Put down the camera and get me a domain name!

    Actually, I think she just wanted a treat…

  214. Stacy says:

    Wups! Put the URL in the wrong spot (duh!)

  215. Matthew West says:

    Meet Roland. Dirtiest mole in town.
    Unlike the various dogs on show, Roland is less about bones, more about polymer clay.
    Roland sits patiently on my desk, waiting almost lifelessly for the day he grows his missing claws.
    This, coincidentally, will be the day he digs his way back down-under (he’s originally from Australia).
    Good luck, Roland.

  216. Deborah says:

    This is our eight year old cat Spikey, posing on our wooden table in our garden. He loves to relax, being lazy, eat, and getting his belly/chest rubbed. He’s a very easy going cat and accepts everything. Even if you carry him around like a baby, he wouldn’t hurt a fly. He is also good mannered – he doesn’t walk on tables, couches, counters, or try to steal fish from pounds (he actually defends our own garden pound against other cats) because we learned him not to do that when he was still a kitten. When one of our family members get home, we’re always greeted by him and he will say “hello” in cat talk. We love him very much and hope to spend many more happy years with him.

  217. Wendy says:

    Hiya! This is one of the 3 dogs that rule the house; Hughie:

    I moved to Northern Ireland last year to be an au pair and only a week before I arrived, Hughie did. As I was getting used to my new job and the kids were needing their time to get used to me, Hughie was my wee friend from the day I arrived. He is absolutely mental but very very sweet. He’s a good boy, naughty and crazy but friendly to everyone. He starts to wag his tale even when you just look at him. Quite amazing I got a picture of him that isnt completely blurred cause he’s always bouncing about.

    This picture was taken last winter; his first winter for that matter so he enjoyed the magical whiteness that he never experienced before. I threw a snowball out in the backyard and he thought it looked like fun so ran after it and brought it back to me. Sadly the only part that was left of the snowball was the snow you see on his chin.

  218. Ben says:

    This is my cat. Her name is Doraemi (I called her mimi).
    She loves sleeping and taking a short nap in the afternoon as you can see from the pictures..

    One unique thing about Mimi is she can walk with 2 front legs. Every time it happens very fast and I did not record it down yet.

  219. tamar says:

    Stacy Sugar, I don’t see an entry — no link to a photo.

  220. Emilyy says:

    Here is my entry:

    My turtle Swimmy. Having a stroll in the garden :)

  221. Stas says:

    Here’s my superstar:

    This is my cute bunny Mr. Cloud, but I also call him Bead due to his lovely eyes. On a sunny day Mr.Cloud likes to wear shades, which not only save his beady eyes from sunlight, but make him look cool as well.
    Mr.Cloud doesn’t do much except for being cute. He loves carrots and absolutely enjoys being combed.


    Here is Samantha dreaming of her next catch. She would sit there for hours each day watching birds, and squirrels, come and go. During the day Samantha was the quietest cat, but at night she would “kill” her toy mouse, and then call out pretty loudly, as if she was calling her kittens to feed them. Cute and sad at the same time.

  223. Rosemary says:

    This is my beloved Angel – a Moluccan Cockatoo. She truly is an Angel because there is a very special [long] story about how she came into my life. Long story short…she picked Me!! As you can see in the picture, we have a special bond. She’s always hugging me in her sweet little “birdie” way; she actually wraps her wings around me as if to “protect’ me from harm! She always knows when I’m sad or happy as I do her. The only things she says are: “Mama” and “Love You.” which is all I ever need to hear from her!! Oh, and she also picked up my laugh….she sounds just like me! LOL

  224. Penny says:

    Several of our Texas Longhorn steers are pets! The steer in this picture is 5 years old and is very gentle (as you can see). Also in the picture is Lane, our 2 year old son.


    Jinx is a 2 year old Boxer/PitBull mix. We rescued her early this year from the Humane Society and she has been a great addition to our family. She loves experiencing new things, from hikes in the mountains to her very first dip in a pool. She is extremely loyal, following us around the house, and loves to cuddle. This sweet face is hard to resist!

  226. Rob W. says:

    Clancy Bear and his Teddy Bear. He’s my parents’ puppy and I like to sing to him “You’re the most annoying dog in the world” to the tune of “most wonderful time of the year” due to his tendency to bite when playing. But I cannot deny his cuteness.

  227. Justin says:

    Marquita acts defenseless when it comes to belly rubbing! =)

  228. Justin says:

    Marquita acts defenseless when it comes to belly rubbing! =)

  229. Anonymous says:

    Whe the hell do I need Twitter account to enter the contest? I don’t have one, I never used it and NEVER will.

  230. Asmar says:


    Here it is my moli – A wonderful cat of the world!!! it is siamese!


  231. tamar says:

    The last valid entry is Justin’s. Sorry Asmar.

    Anonymous: because that’s part of the rules. Namecheap gives away thousands of dollars in prizes via Twitter, and you’d have a chance of winning MacBooks, iPads, Kindles, and domains if you sign up for a Twitter account and participate in these contests.

  232. This is Daisy, she thinks she is a human. She wants to sit on the furniture and cuddle with all of us.

  233. tamar says:

    Shoshana & Wurmgerm – unfortunately your submissions were made after our November 15th deadline.

  234. Mary Ellen says:

    Sorry about the double entry-bit of a disagreement on which pic to submit. My son thought he could submit his choice separate from mine. Guess it was one entry per pet? not per person…next contest… thanks. ME

  235. tamar says:

    One entry per person/pet. We got the same pictures about a dozen times across Rob/Mary Ellen/Stan, so we consolidated.

  236. Mary Ellen says:

    a DOZEN!? Sorry about that. No problem.

  237. tamar says:

    All good. Yeah, they’re in the comments above. ;)

  238. Mary Ellen says:

    BTW, there are soooo many great pictures, I really wouldn’t want to have to pick the best… you guys did a great job in advising, counseling, nudging the entrants. Very fair. Good luck in choosing.

  239. […] had a great time with our Show Off Your Pets contest. More than 200 customers entered and we awarded domains to EVERYONE who […]

  240. Clint Milner says:

    This is Milly. She’s 1/2 working Cocker Spaniel and 1/2 Welsh Springer Spaniel.

    She’s lovely, she’s very smart and she doesn’t bark. Everytime we greet her, she HAS to have something in her mouth (ie: like a toy)