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Lifehacker Readers Vote Namecheap Best Domain Name Registrar

Posted by Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager on 12th November 2010

Namecheap is pleased to announce that readers of Lifehacker, a top 20 blog with nearly 50 million monthly pageviews, have voted Namecheap the best domain name registrar.

We work hard to provide our customers with the amazing services and support they’ve expected to receive from us, including what readers claim are compelling reasons to use Namecheap:

  • our clutter free interface
  • fantastic pricing
  • frequent deals
  • amazing customer service

We will continue to build upon our business to provide the best possible domain name management and related services to our customers, and we thank each and every one of you for voting for us. We’re humbled and elated to be bestowed such an honor. Thank you to each and every one of you.

    91 Responses

  1. Go ahead. Bow. Pat yourselves on the back.
    You guys and gals are doing a great job!

  2. Ben Linford says:

    I would wholeheartedly support this (arguement? – no need to argue it, really).
    Just keep up the good work and we’ll keep on coming.
    The only thing that I could think of suggesting, is with regards to Whoisguard.
    I would love to bulk buy Whoisguard at one moment in time, for some of my domains, but let the yearly duration start upon the next renewal date, or if the domain has been more recently renewed, start the year’s duration at a time in the past (when it was last renewed).
    I hate having to manage Whoisguard’s that expire at odd times in comparison to the dates that run with the domain names.
    Commercially, I think something can be done here to benefit, both Namecheap and it’s customers.

    Thanks guys.

  3. Mike says:

    You guys definitely deserve it.

  4. Vapman says:

    I have over 600 domains with Namecheap and they really are the best. No annoying upsells or shady pricing schemes. Just the goods, fast and cheap. I refer all my friends. Their hosting is fantastic too.

  5. Alex says:

    No surprise here, most marketers trust Namecheap over other registrars. Time is money and who has time to through a gauntlet of upsells every time they need to register a domain?

    Keep up the good work….

  6. Marc says:

    Don’t forget the amazing contest ideas which gave users free domains from NameCheap. They’re truly the best domain registrar of 2011. I’ve moved all of my domains from other domain registrars to Namecheap.

    Customer support at NameCheap is great and I tell everyone that I know that. Keep it up!

  7. Deepak says:

    Goes without saying that NC is the best domain registrar. I am moving all my domains to NC as they get expired with other registrars.

  8. My domain register changes and searching for better and better stopped 4 years ago, when I found Great prices, with the best service on the net.

  9. Trajche says:

    Prices are great. Service is great. Namecheap is the greatest!

  10. You guys have definitely earned it. I know I can trust searching for domains here and not have to worry about them being mysteriously bought.

  11. Angus says:

    Good for you! So glad I switched from GD!

  12. Najam says:

    If I were given option to choose / vote best registrar, I would have definitely voted you.

    Good luck

  13. scottc says:

    Yes! You guys are the best. Easy to use, the best customer service, and, as the name suggests, inexpensive. I guess you can do all that when you don’t have to focus on paying for Superbowl ads and race car drivers.

  14. AWarez says:

    I have more of 15 domains .com & .net, ¬°Excellent services!

  15. You have always done excellently well by me. You deserve the award! #ThatIsAll

  16. Fully Agree. I came to you guys after the RegisterFly debacle and have been happy ever since. (You even went the extra mile during the transition.) I can honestly say that I haven’t had a single complaint and that’s with an average of 50 domains, several certificates, etc. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  17. Namecheap is reliable-I like Namecheap!

  18. Nash says:

    A wonderful domain service. You guys rock.

  19. aput says:

    this registar good

  20. audrey says:

    Namecheap, you are awesome!

  21. Let’s talk about its domain name only, the price is expensive then others. However, if comes to the offer and addional features included, it is the cheapest one and perfect online live supports. Overall, I like its service very much!!!

  22. That’s quite good news to hear that Namecheap has topped the list of domain registrars, It really deserved this. I have no second thoughts when i am buying domain from and have bought more than 10 domains for myself and my happy clients.

  23. Navubi says:

    Namecheap is the best!

  24. nadlerz says:

    Namecheap is great pair with paypal :)
    Transaction very handy.

  25. eko susilo says:

    Congrats for Namecheap :)

  26. Bangladesh says:

    I like the namecheap specially for the support team not for the 1$ domain, they are really friendly for the customers. I will keep the Namecheap on Top position.

  27. Namecheap get my vote too – greatest domain registrar evar.

  28. ezaa says:

    Iam Use Name cheap since 2008. And Iam Happy ^_^

  29. Tyrx says:

    I still wonder how you guys can continue to exist considering the awesome support staff with all the frequent deals.

    To the future. :D

  30. menj says:

    Goes without saying that Namecheap is the best! Better than the rest!

  31. josh says:

    while i agree that you’re the best registrar, i wouldnt say you have “fantastic prices”. Many other registrars have much cheaper and better deals. But i still stick around because i love you guys.

  32. Tylar Vowles says:

    We use them for all our domains, and refer our customers to use them directly. You just can’t beat good service for cheap!

  33. I have 33 domains registered with NC. Simply the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to go.

  34. Ronnie says:

    I bought my first domain with Namecheap, I was a little confused with the interface at first but didnt take time to settle in and the Customer Service I experienced this afternoon was brilliant. If it is how I hope it is, I’m gonna move all my domains from GD to here.

  35. Rakhine says:

    i want to domain member.

  36. harry says:

    Namecheap is the one solid rock in all the internet domain providers.

    Your staff knows what they are talking about and provide solid support talking in plain English.

    LifeHacker shure know the domain providers :)

  37. Best Prices, Fast Services. Good Support.

    Services 110%

    JARS Costa Rica

  38. Pj Germain says:

    Namecheap rocks! All my domains are with them!

  39. jackets says:

    Namecheap is best because they have world class support team. They believe in customer. Go on

  40. Andry says:

    The cheapest for domain in the planet, superb.

  41. Abhishek Jha says:

    agree on the “24×7 livechat support” point, which is very necessary for web hosting reseller like me.. since if i dont get support, how will i support my clients in case there is any issue with the server? this is the only one reason why namecheap was the first choice when i was choosing reseller hosting providers. all other 100’s of resellers might have cheap pricing..but their phone support and ticket system is time taking and troublesome.. plus they don’t provide 24x7livechat support like namecheap. thats why namecheap is best for reseller hosting providers.

  42. Shyuan says:

    I also agree, Support is the most important part of your company. No matter how cheap the domain prices, if a company like gotonames does not have a good customer support team, ended up they lose customers, and I am one of them. I am pissed off by the support team. Why didnt I found out Namecheap much earlier? :)

  43. Snoopy says:

    Good jobs!

  44. Adill says:

    congrats… For me… you were always the best registrar

  45. Halimah says:

    Congrats. Namecheap domain and hosting at really cheap. service is also fast and satisfying.

  46. I agree because you have a solid website and good prices

  47. Kindly configure my DNS topoint to

    or idicate how to do that

    Regards -Vlady

  48. Vladimir, can you please contact support directly? This is the blog. :)

  49. Prices are great. Service is great. Namecheap is the greatest!


  50. I totally agree. Please count one more vote of mine. Great service :)

  51. Carl says:

    Yep, fantastic service. I never ever go anywhere else for a domain registrar:)

  52. Nghe Nhac says:

    Goes without saying that Namecheap is the best! Better than the rest!

  53. AWarezFull says:

    The best of the best, namecheap!!

  54. Hari says:

    yeah, it’s time for the coupon

  55. Peter Nawa says:

    Do the best, in Indonesia namcheap very well known and very nice. we like the service. very satisfying.

  56. Ruan Jiaqi says:

    i was not glad when i first bought domain name in Namecheap, there was a misunderstanding ,but the service have made big influence to me, i think namecheap is somewhere for name freedom and open.i like here,giving my support.

  57. Michael says:

    I have all my domains registered at Name Cheap. By far the best service I have ever received period.

  58. Bruce says:

    Yeah, it’s great, i just transferred 15 domains from godaddy. But where is the 0.99 domain?

  59. Firdaus says:

    Where’s the 0.99 coupon :)

  60. Hey guys, this is the 2010 post, not the 2012 one. Please hang tight – the coupon is coming.

  61. David says:

    Odd I tried to vote for GoDaddy and couldn’t find it, guess I’ll have to settle for second best with Namecheap then…

    jk, you guys rock.

  62. GEORGE says:

    So what about those $0.99 domain registrations/transfers? I made sure I voted just so I could partake!

  63. GEORGE – the coupon code was announced on Twitter and Facebook. It is valid tomorrow 9/20 6am for 24 hours (Eastern Time). The code is WELOVEU.

  64. girl xinh says:

    I was waiting for coupon WELOVE Active.

  65. It’s not active for another 8.5 hours.

  66. Thanks you! Coupon WELOVEU. It’s active! :D

  67. Maria says:

    i was waiting for mysoju we love active

  68. […] Also have I mentioned just how cheap they are? They have also been voted twice in a row, the Best Domain Name Registrar. So you know their […]

  69. I was waiting for the announcement here but it seems you already had it in just a day. Just found this and was sad to know I cannot avail it anymore. *sigh*

  70. Sceko says:

    Best in world :)

  71. Reyn says:

    You deserve it. for now, i have only two domains in Namecheap but im looking forward to add more. keep it up

  72. James says:

    Im still waiting for .de domain transfers… :(

  73. Cara Terbaik says:

    Namecheap is one company that is employing Twitter marketing. So I think Namecheap wins the best domain name registrar award on the popular tech blog and social media. Congrates!

  74. Mark Llego says:

    Thank You Namecheap for hosting my new domain name!

  75. Best Domain Provider i ever got
    #1 Rank

  76. noman says:

    i love namecheap this is very simple buying option of any domain

  77. Very Quick and Reliable Domain Hosting Services

  78. riki says:

    namecheap your the best i use it to nextblog

  79. Bamz says:

    hello namecheap, can you give me coupon register a new domain with low price?

  80. Bamz, use code FULLSWINGAHEAD for February 2013.

  81. Waheed says:

    Prices are great. Service is great. Namecheap is the greatest!

  82. Harga Hp says:

    Namecheap is one company that is employing Twitter marketing.

  83. I have seen alot of Domain Registrar and Name Cheap is the best anyone can deal with. Amazing upsell and wonderful price really meets my days.I recommend all my friends to go for Name Cheap the are the bomb. Friendly support system and well trusting interface. What more do I need? This is confirmed.

  84. Namecheap is really Amazing Registrar and best Web Hosting Provider and multiple Services are available which mostly user need so thanks for Namecheap all teak to give us best online support and i really glad to work with Namecheap.


    Sohail Fareed

  85. Hanif says:

    Namecheap is offcourse the best and top registrar I even found . I am using namecheap since 5 years and found it all way good . Specially recently launched mobile security update is awesome…. 5 Star !

  86. Hello Namecheap , Namecheap is really Amazing Registrar and best Web Hosting Provider and multiple Services at indonesia

  87. operatorku says:

    Prices are great. Service is great. Namecheap is the greatest!

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