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Transfer for $4.99 and Help Save the Elephants

Posted by Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager on 30th March 2011

It’s not often that we would disagree publicly with a competitor, but we at Namecheap are very disturbed by this video of a competitor killing an elephant for sport (Warning: Very Graphic, though some of it was edited once we brought this issue to light).
Check out the ABC News Report


We’ve decided to throw our support behind our Elephant friends by offering domain transfers at a price where we actually lose money.

Show your protest by saying BYEBYEGD again and transfer your domains to Namecheap for $4.99 for the next 24 hours through 11:59pm EST on 3/31/11 (limit 10 per user, valid for all com/net/org domains): Update: This coupon has been extended and will run through 11:59pm EST on 4/1/11.  Update 4/1: This coupon is so successful that we’ve extended yet again! The coupon will now expire 11:59pm EST on 4/2/11. Update: This coupon has been extended YET AGAIN! It will run an additional 48 hours through Monday 4/4 at 11:59pm EST.

On top of that, we’ll donate $1 for each transfer to Save The Elephants at

Use coupon code BYEBYEGD and let’s help the Elephants together!

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  6. Mel says:

    This is definitely drumming up your business! Twitter is starting to explode with the news/horror/outrage over this, and I’ve seen a number of mentions of namecheap/this URL. Hope you can handle it! ;)

  7. James Hobbs says:

    Good for you guys.

  8. Raj says:

    WOW bob is an idiot.

  9. Amit Pandey says:



  10. Martijn says:

    I saw your email, checked out the video and immediately transferred my remaining domains from Godaddy to Namecheap. They will not ever get a cent from me.

  11. Pothi says:

    Moving my domains from Godaddy NOW!

  12. Matt says:

    Thanks, for taking the initiative here.

    What’s disheartening is that Jillian Michaels is one of their spokespeople, and it’s well known that she is an animal lover and compassionate person.

  13. V says:

    Thank you but please extend the sale and increase more than 10.

    There are some of us with thousands of websites that would like to make a real statement to GoDaddy. I will be moving all my websites to you.

  14. tamar says:

    V, we have SWITCH2NC as a coupon code for the other domains, but must cap this at 10 as this comes at a loss to us.

  15. Boycot? Bob is my hero and the hero of all the villagers in the African village!

  16. Zimbabwe is home to over 100,000 elephants, when they state the eco-system can only handle half that many. The video even starts off with a “hunting problem elephants”. I also wouldn’t call it hunting for sport when the village eats every remaining bit.

  17. mike says:


  18. […] NameCheap Blog » Transfer for $4.99 and Help Save the Elephants. […]

  19. Jack says:

    This is bullshit.
    Of course there are alternatives to hunting to keep elephants from damaging crops, but elephants are a real problem in this part of the world, and there are indeed too many of them.

    When the PITA woman mentions “poverty of understanding”, I don’t think she understands what poverty is.

    The real problem here though, is a that a middle-aged man is enjoying himself. A rich, white man. are really scraping the barrel using this media fest to promote themselves.

  20. This isn’t about elephant populations or passing judgement on distant nations.

    It’s about an incredibly wealthy man with the opportunity to affect great good choosing to do so by posting videos of elephant slaughter on his site.

    The kind of distorted worldview that allows someone to think a video this disgusting is worth sharing terrifies me.

    I sincerely hope that GoDaddy Bob experiences a direct monetary loss for this indiscretion

  21. Please stop the autopplay on the top video. I would like to tweet this out but I have friends and family that this would not be ok with. People should choose if they see the video after reading the posting.


  22. Jim says:

    I hope you are all vegetarians! Heaven forbid we should kill animals to make sure human beings dont starve. Shame on you namecheap!

  23. Jack H says:

    Just found this through a link posted on facebook. Can’t believe this and will be transferring my domains over later tonight, great job NC!

  24. Jack H says:

    @TAMAR Can you please add a tweet it/like it button so we can easily post onto our walls + twitter? That would be great

  25. tamar says:

    Jack, working on it.

  26. […] Namecheap publicly react to Godaddy elephant killing. Apologies in advance if this is posted in the wrong place. Some of you may be aware by now of the video showing Bob Parsons (The CEO and founder over at Godaddy)killing an elephant. You can check out the Namepros post over here In reaction to this Namecheap are donating 20% to for every new transfer.(Made before 4/1/11 11:59pm EST) From the Namcheap Blog: […]

  27. bob o says:

    instead of killing elephants how about buying condoms for all the assholes cutting up that creature . oh yeah let them breed baby Hell why stop there let redneck parsons, shoot anything that will eat crops. . Thats right bob pass out condoms you freaking idiot.

  28. […] 限制:每個賬戶只能轉移10個。[資料來源:Namecheap]本站文章除註明轉載外,均為本站原創編譯 […]

  29. John says:

    Hooray for Namecheap! I’ve been a proud customer of you guys since having a run-in with Godaddy back in 2005, which resulted in me moving all my domains to you. I’m now prouder than ever. Bravo!

  30. CL says:

    This guy is an arrogant retard. You can tell what a fucking little prick he is just by his statement.

  31. I said BYEBYEGD and transferred the last of my Godaddy domains over to namecheap. Thanks for the great coupon, and the $1 donation :)

  32. === === popular today…

    yeah! this story has entered the popular today section on…

  33. NJ SEO Guy says:

    Dumb move by a guy usually pretty savvy with PR and marketing. FAIL. Go namecheap!

  34. NJ SEO Guy says:

    Any way to transfer, etc if I have around 30-50 domains? Want to move them all.

  35. HM says:

    Is this valid for GD registered domains only or can I use it for other registrars?

  36. Lorne Fade says:

    JONAN SCHEFFLER Said it very well. Bob Parsons needs to use better judgment with his actions, even thought it may serve the greater good for those in zimbabwe.

    Possibly just did it for publicity.

  37. Matt says:

    I have dozens of domains hosted at GD, and I’d love to transfer them all over under this deal. Any way to bump up that 10-domain limit?

  38. Hmm. The elephants are destroying crops. One of 3 is killed. The village eats the elephant. I see no problem here.

  39. jaba says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this video or what Bob did!

  40. NA says:

    NameCheap, why are you exploiting this to promote your business?

  41. WT says:

    I’m transferring domains to goDaddy in his support. If you want to protect animals, legally kill them. If you understand wildlife management, you know this already. Cheap ploy for publicity by namecheap to prey on the uneducated….

  42. Our animal rescue has been using Go Daddy for our domains and emails for years. We want to switch now. Just have to figure out how …

  43. Disgusted says:

    …at namecheap. What a messed up way to get publicity.

    To celebrate they are going to go out for steak dinners but that’s OK because those cows were raised to be slaughtered.

    This is ridiculous!

  44. tamar says:

    HM – you can use it on all com/net/org no matter where it comes from.

  45. Disgusted – cows aren’t endangered, are they???

  46. tamar says:

    Paws for Life – try this:

    NA: we value life and we’re pro animals as you may see by our blog.

    Matt: unfortunately no, but we have SWITCH2NC which is also a discount coupon for other domains.

  47. yakker says:

    Good Job Bob Parsons. This just made me want to buy more domains from GoDaddy. NameCheap is a joke and these marketing ploys make them look very pathetic.

  48. […] friends by offering domain transfers at a price where we actually lose money," writes Namecheap in a post that invites users to switch registrars. "Show your protest by saying BYEBYEGD again and transfer […]

  49. Me Gusta says:

    So they shot an elephant that had been ruining a starving village’s crops and then gave the meat to those villagers? What a f***ng prick!

  50. MISS RHW says:

    What amazes me is that some people still believe that the animals are overpopulating an area so therefore they must be kept at a sizeable quota. BULL$HIT!! The animals were there FIRST!!!! The humans should be kept to a minimum. Hey, here’s an idea! STOP BREEDING HUMANS and they will stop starving, dying from disease and OVERPOPULATING! Yes, Bob-the-a-hole should hand out condoms. Hell, hand them out to everyone even here in the US, we have too many idiots too it seems…

  51. This is absolutely ridiculous. I sincerely hope the myriad misguided and gullible posters in this comment thread are spam accounts namecheap has put up in an attempt to grant validity to this dumb ass crusade. You see the crop devastation that elephants are causing to these SUBSISTENCE farmers (They make enough to keep themselves alive) and then we see an entire village coming out to take meat from the animal. It didn’t die in vain, its part of an overpopulated species, and it is despicable that namecheap would try to profit off of this.

  52. Candy Brown says:

    You guys are awesome! It’s nice to see a company that actually wants to help SAVE elephants!

  53. fred says:

    They ATE the elephant! What’s the freakin problem?? WOW namecheap … you guys are lame. nice try. godaddy still rules.

  54. Tory Braden says:

    I just sent out an email to my Facebook group, Save Queenie Save Elephants, of 3,150 members about the coupon code and your donation to this great elephant organization. We will disapprove with our feet so that it will be GoneDaddy.

  55. Good job NameCheap! I’ll be transferring to you this weekend. Thanks for doing the donations too!

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  58. I LOVE BOB says:

    I want to move some domains to GODADDY – does anyone have a coupon code for that?

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  60. guwe says:

    GoDaddy should change their name to NoDaddy. Fucking idiots, losers!!

  61. Puina says:

    I don’t care if he enjoys shooting elephants (even if that is an evil past time if there ever was one) but why film it and post it online? It’s disgusting.

    And no, it’s not the elephants fault. They were there first. What kind of ignorant clown thinks this is deserved by an innocent animal trying to survive in the last scrap of land they are left with? Geez, people, show some humanity.

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  63. Kay says:

    FYI to everyone – there are not 100,000 elephants in Zimbabwe. There are only 10,000 African elephants in the whole world. And with poaching way up to meet the Chinese demand for ivory, the population is going to take another big hit.

    Crop-raiding, hunger and poverty are a huge problem in Southern Africa. But instead of supporting Bob Parsons, support Save the Elephants who are working with farmers to protect their lands in all kinds of innovative, peaceful ways, like building beehive fences and shooting elephants with hot pepper pellets. They also give scholarship to girls and employ dozens of people in the region, doing more good for them than Bob Parsons ever will.

  64. end user says:

    This is the worst video player I have ever used.

  65. Idontgetit says:

    I guess I don’t get this…

    Are these elephants endangered or something?

    Those people were starving, and their crops were getting eaten. It’s not like the guy in this video was inhumane, or brutalized this animal.

    They saved a crop, and fed an entire villiage. It was sad to see the elephant die, but it’s a tough world.

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  67. The Frosty says:

    Good enough for me, going to transfer tonight, first have to unlock my domains. Can I set DNS upon transfer so it’s smooth sailing?

  68. Can’t wait to transfer my website! Thanks for the great offer! :)

  69. Ben says:

    Well done! I will be transferring two domains tonight when I get home.

  70. tamar says:

    Frosty, you should not have to change your DNS settings. If you need specific support, feel free to contact us.

    IDONTGETIT: yes, elephants are endangered. Thanks to Kay for your detailed information.

  71. […] is offering special $4.99 domain transfers through Friday, and they’re donating $1.00 to “Save the Elephants” with each transfer. […]

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  74. Terry says:

    I love you. I only have 1 domain with them, but I’m transferring it now.

  75. Duff says:

    Love NameCheap, now I love you even more.

    GoDaddy has always had an unethical marketing angle, but this takes the cake.

  76. Beth says:

    If you watched the video and don’t know anything about the world, you would think this man is a hero for helping starving people. However if you are at all knowledgeable, you will know that elephants are endangered of being wiped off the planet by humans who hunt them for sport or for tusks. If this rich ceo wants to help, he has the means to protect crops and elephants. Just think people. I just used godaddy to open a website for which I am sorry.

  77. Jaimin Rajani says:

    Kindly show support, by joining in Bob Parsons’ Hate Page on Facebook:

  78. […] a backlash, GoDaddy competitor has already swooped in. The company is running a transfer from GoDaddy to for .com, .net and .org domains […]

  79. Thank you! I am telling everyone i know.

  80. Garry Hill says:

    […] Currently switching from @GoDaddy to Namecheap – looking to do the same? Click here –’s facial recognition app? Not yet, according to Google. […]

  81. […] the outgoing CEO of GoDaddy was, “Shooting at a parade of elephants“, and “Killing an elephant for sport“. They also said, “Elephants are an endangered species”. NONE of which are true! […]

  82. Cosmic Rooms says:

    I like elephants…my niece loves elephants…i like a good deal and this is a great deal and a great cause to support too! :)

  83. Sean Collins says:

    Too bad you guys sell SSL certificates from Comodo.

    Granted, it’s not as bad as shooting an Elephant, but it made me bail out on transferring my domains.

  84. […] off the elephant’s meat.Anticipating a backlash, GoDaddy competitor has already swooped in. The company is running a transfer from GoDaddy to for .com, .net and .org domains […]

  85. J says:

    Namecheap are you REALLY helping the elephants?? Give me a break. This is so pathetic.

  86. Renee says:

    Your site is down for technical maintenance. Do you plan to extend the deadline? Is there an alternate route to transfer domain names?

  87. tamar says:

    Hi Renee, we’re working on the demand due to the circumstances and major press that arose as a result of this news. We have extended the deadline already from 3/31/11 to 4/1/11 11:59pm EST. We look forward to serving you.

  88. Renee says:

    Thank you for a prompt response! Oops, yes, see the extended deadline at top.

  89. Miles T says:

    10???!! Thats it??? Most of us own like 30+ domains. Why would I make the effort to split my domain hosting?

  90. tamar says:

    Miles, as mentioned in the post, it comes at a loss to us at the $4.99 level. We have SWITCH2NC as a coupon code as well for any additional domains.

    If you firmly believe in the cause, a limit of 10 for this promotion is just a number. :)

  91. […] least one of GoDaddy’s competitors is trying to capitalize on the Internet’s outrage. Namecheap is offering $4.99 domain transfers that includes a $1 donation to PETA has (predictably) […]

  92. […] is offering special $ 4.99 domain transfers through Friday, and they’re donating $ 1.00 to “Save the Elephants” with each […]

  93. […] you are with GoDaddy for your domains and would like an alternative, is making it easy: We’ve decided to throw our support behind our Elephant friends by offering […]

  94. Tim says:

    So wait, you show a video of the CEO shooting one of the elephants that has been trampling a village’s crops, followed by the HUNGRY villagers getting a lot of elephant meat to share amongst themselves, and you try to spin it as a bad thing?

    This just in: NameCheap hates starving Africans.

  95. Tiago says:

    I’m trying to move from GD, but your transfer interface is incredible slow.

    The shopping cart isn’t updating and the default “whois protection” is on by default and I don’t want it.

    so sad, I’d love to move away from them right now.

  96. […] seem to be seeing this as a commercial too–a commercial opportunity. For example, is offering domain transfers for a mere $4.99. Of this fee, $1 will go to Save The Elephants. (PETA, by the […]

  97. tamar says:

    Tiago – whois is not on by default. It is free with the transfer but you must activate it.

    We are currently overloaded with new requests and should be up very soon. We appreciate your patience!

  98. Dwayne says:


  99. The godaddy guy is a ginormous loser. I hope he learns a lesson from this, but am skeptical. Will absolutely transfer my biz to namecheap and advise anyone in my L.A. film/live event marketing circle to do same.

  100. Wish I had domains with KillDaddy, would have transfered then immediately to namecheap. Bob is really enjoying himself in the flimsy disguise of a dogooder yughhh!

  101. […] my domain and my hosting to, who is not only discounting their transfer services but donating a portion of their profits to Save the […]

  102. Marysia says:

    I’m finding it impossible to make the transfers because the Namecheap site is turning over so slowly. I’ve been at it probably for hours.

    I have to go to bed!

  103. tamar says:

    Marysia, so sorry to hear you have been encountering problems. We have opened for the time being so you can try your transfer. This coupon code expires 4/1/11 11:59pm EST so you have all day tomorrow to set it up. Thank you for your patience!

  104. Marysia says:

    I’ve now managed to apply the code.

  105. Jools says:

    It’s understandable that people can’t transfer the .co’s and the .cc’s for $4.99, but you could have reduced it a bit as an incentive for owners of those domains to change to you.

  106. […] you may have seen by our main blog, we are currently running a $4.99 transfer promotion. Coupon code BYEBYEGD will transfer your […]

  107. There are ways of dealing with problem elephants that do not involve killing them:

    The money spent on this hunting trip could have been used to employ these methods for thousands of villagers.

  108. Bob Lepp says:

    Cam I get a rain check for 23 days? Only registered 37 days ago and you will not transfer today, but I will transfer at 61 days!
    Let me know.


  109. tamar says:

    Bob, while this particular promotion won’t be active then, try coupon code SWITCH2NC at that time as it offers a discount on the transfer as well.

  110. $4.99 to transfer a domain? Not bad! This is one of the cheapest domains prices I’ve seen in a long time for .COM domains etc. Nice!

    Shame about the elephant though. They’re really intelligent creatures…

  111. Marysia says:

    Tamara, I had to start again on the classic site because after I applied the code nothing would go through.

    But the classic site tells me that the BYEBYEGD coupon code isn’t valid:

    “Sorry, the coupon code you entered ‘BYEBYEGD’ is not valid or has expired or has exceeded usage count. Please verify the code and try again.”

  112. tamar says:

    Hi Marysia, we’re back up on the main site now. That’s why that code doesn’t work. Please try again and we apologize for the trouble.

  113. Marysia says:

    LOL. Anything for the elephants :) I’ll try again tomorrow evening. It’s now nearly 3.30am. Thanks Tamar.

  114. J says:

    Great marketing promo for Namecheap that swoops in on Parson’s rrreeallly crappy video.

    COULD a rampaging elephant destroy crops or hurt people? Sure. Could the time and money used for this hunt have been spent in better ways, like teaching locals how to spook elephants away and grow sustainable native foods? Yep.

    The fact is, elephants are “endangered.” Their status as “threatened” still makes them a rare creature, and even that status might be wrong: places claiming they have plenty of elephants have been accused of lying about actual elephant numbers and also are PRO ivory trade.

  115. […] is offering special $4.99 domain transfers through Friday, and they’re donating $1.00 to “Save the Elephants” with each […]

  116. Peggy says:

    Bob, you’re a moron. Who would want to do business with you?

  117. To those who say there are “too many elephants … hunting it was for a good cause … fed villagers …” this can ALL be true – BUT the way that Bob is handling it – making it a publicity stunt – that is the problem. He is out of touch with what many domain owners believe and I think he has been emboldened by his ability to get away with the sexist crap for too long. For many women GoDaddy customers this is one step too far.

  118. GRRRRRR says:

    Who thought it was possible for Godaddy to suck even more? Namecheap all the way.

  119. Michelle says:

    PETA made this a publicity stunt. I support Bob.

  120. Tom says:

    …and my 9 are now switched. Bye dick.

  121. SFDJ says:

    Transferred. Thanks for looking out for the elephants.

  122. […] announced on their own blog: We’ve decided to throw our support behind our Elephant friends by offering domain transfers at a […]

  123. Chris Lee says:

    Fuck GoDaddy and fuck you Bob Parsons.

    We’re transferring all our domains away from Godaddy and closing our accounts—as well as advising all our present and future clients to do the same.

    Christopher Lee

  124. Michelle says:

    Your an idiot Chis Lee!

  125. Lyndsy Simon says:

    You should be ashamed of yourselves, Namecheap.

    First and foremost, running a registrar is not a politically-oriented business. You are making a political statement in more ways than one here.

    Second, you clearly do not understand sport hunting in Africa. WIthout it, elephants, rhino, and other large species are at best a source of food, and at worst a dangerous, destructive nuisance. Allowing sport hunting brings foreign investment into the area which would otherwise not exist. As a result of these hunts, the locals have financial incentive to maintain the animal populations at a level that will support guided hunts.

    As for the people here saying that elephants are hunter for ivory – it is illegal to bring harvested ivory into the United States, and there are severe penalties. Mr. Parsons did not kill an elephant for its tusks, he killed it because it was a challenge, and for his own enjoyment. If you don’t agree with his pastime, that’s one thing – but don’t feign moral outrage at something you clearly don’t understand.

    You’ve made a big mistake here. I won’t be moving my domains just yet – I like your service. I will discontinue promoting your services as an affiliate, and I will no longer recommend you as a registrar. If you continue this ignorant line of “marketing”, then I will become a very vocal critic of yours in short order, and transfer all of my domains to another registrar.

    You guys are excellent at what you do – don’t screw it up with this. It’s not worth it.

  126. Josh Feola says:

    i really appreciate you operating at a loss to make a statement about animal cruelty. i’ve always hated the godaddy UI anyway and your site is clean and simple. just switched all my domains over. great product, and nice to align with a company I can morally agree with. you have a new customer for life.

  127. Way to go namecheap for cashing in on people’s propensity towards snap-judgements! Very clever. Sure, you’ll lose a little money in the short term, but most of them will stay long enough to turn a tidy long-term profit and you will come out looking squeaky-clean.

    Don’t get me wrong, the video is completely tactless, but the greater issue is so much further from black and white than an ordinary small-minded, well-fed person can handle… people who so devalue human life that they’d rather let brown people starve than tolerate an elephant being killed to feed them and protect their crops. At least you don’t have to watch a video of Bob Parsons letting brown people starve.

  128. Bushman says:

    Well the usual illiterate comments about having fun killing things…do you know Zimbabwe has a DICTATOR who is starving his own people?its stuff all to do with saving crops, Mugabes sidekicks steal them !!
    And Americans are the number one destroyers of endangered species FOR FUN. perhaps if some of you BOB fans got off your butts and got a passport you might see whats happening in the world. do what i did go see Africa for real and learn.

  129. yon says:

    Your should often offer really cheap price for domain. I have buy some doamins in this time.

  130. […] a backlash, GoDaddy competitor has already swooped in. The company is running a transfer from GoDaddy to for .com, .net and .org domains […]

  131. […] Elephant Coupon We here at FTW Review are big proponents of our friends at NameCheap.  They recently made news by offering a big discount for domain transfers in support of wild […]

  132. […] PETA named Parsons’ the Scummiest CEO of the Year, while rival domain registrar Namecheap announced a special reduced transfer fee of $4.99, with a $1 from each transfer to be donated to Save The […]

  133. Lynda says:

    I’ve had a problem with Parsons’ attitude for a long time but bragging about killing anything is pretty lame. I just changed to NameCheap. Thanks for the link.

  134. Horrific. Thanks for this offer. We’re moving.

  135. Bushman says:

    @ Lyndsey Simon said ‘As for the people here saying that elephants are hunter for ivory – it is illegal to bring harvested ivory into the United States, and there are severe penalties. Mr. Parsons did not kill an elephant for its tusks, he killed it because it was a challenge, and for his own enjoyment. If you don’t agree with his pastime, that’s one thing – but don’t feign moral outrage at something you clearly don’t understand.’ Sorry but i think you have your facts wrong……It is NOT illegal to bring trophy ivory or skins into America. Americans are the biggest importers of trophy items in the world.including endangered species. Sport hunting this is not. none of the money will ever reach the villagers.. in fact Mugabe has persecuted farmers to the point that farming and tobacco has collapsed in Zimbabwe. there are other ways to distract Elephants than shooting them, as practised in most other conservation minded countries.
    funny how pretentious little twits like BOB only shoot Bulls isnt it? ever wonder why???
    You of course realise that there are less than 40,000 Lions left in the wild in Africa?? that they are actually being bred just for Morons(sorry hunters) to shoot in South Africa? Little man bob, big gun and helpers – Elephant defencless…just like shooting a cow in a field. Sport? no just sick.
    GO Namecheap hope you get great support !!! looks like bobs Elmer Fudd act is a giant fail.

  136. Mike says:

    Folks, I offer a pretty much loaded gdd domain for sale, I will donate 25% to

    (pls, only serious requests, this is not a insult gdd domain)

  137. jeff says:

    I have been with godaddy more than 10 years and spent more than couple of grand. Re-discovered namecheap today and amazed with the simplicity of the interface and support.
    I only wish I found namecheap earlier.

    No more clunky interface or jumping through stupid hoops when ordering a domain, or going through a bunch of b.s to change anything from a domain to payment methods.

    I hope the arrogant Mr Bob “Self-Important” Parsons’ gloating is shortlived and pray for the soul of the majestic animal that was lost.

    Thanks to namecheap keep up the good work.

  138. Cyndi says:

    I applaud you. I was going to transfer mine anyway, CEO’s have a corporate responsibility and this latest stunt by GoDaddy is unacceptable.

  139. Luke Daly says:

    Great stuff, have just lost a client and Namecheap have just gained a client. All my domains will go through now, glad I found you guys!

  140. Luana S. says:

    After spending a day considering both sides (NameCheap and GoDaddy), and by being a client of both registrars, I have come up with my own opinion here, even though I was initially disgusted by GoDaddy (and still am for the reasons I’m going to write down here):

    Why I’m half on Namecheap’s side:

    I premise this: I’m not an animal activist, and I’m not pro-vegetarian lifestyle (at all!), as I believe in law of nature, and in killing for eating (animals do it all the time, and humans are animals too). What I DON’T accept, because it’s NOT a law of nature, is the killing for ‘sport’. There is nothing cool and proud in killing a life out of this world just for the show-off… and THAT is what really hurt from that video; that freaking ‘pride’ the Godaddy CEO showed there. Why should we ever need a video?! If those people needed to eat, they would have gone hunting on their own, there’s no need for rich men to do that for them, and certainly there is no need to show off. Also, there were other options to killing a problem elephant: sedate it and transport it to a reserve, and call Caritas and other first-aid organizations to come to villages’ rescue, bring food, bring tools and techniques to teach them how to grow a farm; perhaps carrying farm animals too. Elephants are a risk species in many areas of Earth: if there are too many in Zimbabwe, part of the population could be transported elsewhere, where the population needs to grow to balance the ecosystem. With moder technologies that is possible. And both animals and human beings are part of the ecosystem.

    Why I’m half on GoDaddy’s side:

    Since he has helped – in his own, ‘inflated’ way, I know – feed a population, I don’t feel like condemning him completely. I appreciate that he cares about the poor, and wants to help sincerely. However, perhaps it’s the case he considers other solutions, since elephants are now cows or chickens; they are a delicate species, and they need to be treated consequentely.


    That said, I will be transferring at least 20 domains here on NameCheap (at least where GoDaddy has become really too expensive! NC has better prices for sure); the others will stay on GoDaddy, at least until they keep their prices low.

    Just my 2 cents.

    ~ Luana S.

  141. Luana S. says:

    I forgot to add this: I really want to transfer 20 domains here on NameCheap not just for the lower prices, but because I know $20 will go to, which helps not only elephants, but poor people too. I give my full support to such wonderful organizations. :)

    ~ Luana S.

  142. zombie says:

    The way those guys are cutting the meat and hovering over the dead animal’s body just reminds me a quote from matrix by Mr.Smith:
    Humans are parasites.

  143. spin doc says:

    Haven’t you heard Namecheap? Zimbabwe *doesn’t want* money to save elephants — they’re trying to control the population! Parsons was working directly with the government and the locals .. get a clue plz

  144. Kristina says:

    This is so dirty. I can’t believe you would use a disturbing screencap and the obviously misleading phrase “for sport” to try to drive customers to your own business. The thing that upsets me the most is that you’ve forced me to side with an elephant killer. I love elephants.

  145. KevinAnth says:

    This is why the internet rules. It enables people to vote with their feet!

    Business decision or no business decision; Namecheap have taken the initiative, and have enabled GoDaddy customeres to make a choice, and in doing so may even contribute to a good cause.

    Well done.

  146. Tom says:

    I was looking for another reason to transfer the last few domains from Godaddy. Bob Parsons is an idiot!!! I just transfered all of my domains and closing my account with them.

  147. […] a campaign asking users to email Bob Parsons and close their account. Namecheap is currently running a deal for a limited time, “Show your protest by saying BYEBYEGD again and transfer your domains to […]

  148. PureVM Inc. says:

    Wow, this is so crazy, in fact Bob Parsons is an idiot, you can see his freaky face. LOL

  149. David says:

    If you think killing big game for meat is OK, I suggest you read up on bushmeat, e.g. here:
    Illegal bushmeat ‘rife in Europe’
    The cost of bushmeat

  150. Saidul says:

    Just transfered all of my domain to namecheap :D and i don’t like godaday anyway

  151. John says:

    Even if I were to accept the idea that this elephant needed to be killed (as some people are implying), it should have been done with at least a semblance of respect. Instead Bob Parsons chose to use it for a publicity stunt. Epic Fail!

    I began moving domains from GoDaddy to namecheap about a year ago, and will now be moving all remaining domains to namecheap.

  152. […] through. If you have a GoDaddy account and want to rectify the situation GoDaddy competitor,, has offered to transfer domain names from GoDaddy for $4.99 with 20 percent of the profits going […]

  153. […] a backlash, GoDaddy competitor has already swooped in. The company is running a transfer from GoDaddy to for .com, .net and .org domains […]

  154. Paul says:

    Im no fan of Godaddy, I dont have any domains registered there because of this. But dont be playing the hero here, anyone whos reading this should knows the decision is purely business, as we know you may make a loss this year on the registrations but when renewals come up your profits will start coming in.

    Whats the better solution? Leave the elephant to ruin crops and potentially injure/kill villagers. Its natural for humans to eat animals, it wasnt killed in a sickening way and every scrap of that meat was eaten. Why does the fact it was an elephant make you sick? Some people find cows sacred yet many of you eat beef everyday, does that make you lot sick? Grow up, this is the real world, not fairy tale land.

  155. Sunny says:

    Good initiative guys, v bad move from GoDaddy – will never use their services

  156. […] think I’ll switch to Namecheap because they’re offering cheap transfer fees and donating money to to give customers a non-murdering alternative to GoDaddy. posted under […]

  157. […] switched yet, I’d recommend NameCheap. In light of the Go Daddy scandal, NameCheap has set up a great deal for transfers, and they’re even making a donation to Save The Elephants for every single […]

  158. […] Mashable tells me that NameCheap is doing $4.99 domain transfers until 11:59pm tonight with the promo code BYEBYEGD, with $1 of each transfer being donated to Save […]

  159. Paul Pehrson says:

    I just transferred 14 domains from GoDaddy. I’ve become increasingly disenfranchised with them over their over-the-top advertising (including the idea that they should use sex to sell domain names), and this is the final nail in the GoDaddy coffin for me. Walking away without ever looking back. Thanks for the incentive, NameCheap. You saved me some serious cash, and I appreciate the donation to a good cause.

  160. Katie says:


  161. […] by offering domain transfers at a price where we actually lose money,” writes Namecheap in a post that invites users to switch registrars. “Show your protest by saying BYEBYEGD again and […]

  162. HawaiiGal says:

    Namecheap: I realize that you may be losing $ by offering the cheaper rates but I would strong urge you to extend the switch from GD code until at least June 1, 2011. And that you offer the renewals at prices matching GD’s. For those of us who manage nonprofits with over 30 names, we cannot afford to switch all the domains if it means losing hundreds of dollars. However the increase in your business may more than make up for the losses. Thoughts? Maybe you can even keep a log on the homepage of how many switched from GD how many you need to reach a goal of break even. That will make it more exciting and add an incentive to those of us who are looking into switching to do it soon.

  163. tamar says:

    HawaiiGal, as I’m sure you understand, we’ve extended the coupon now twice and we’re losing money on every single domain name transfer. I know you can’t afford to switch the domains as it could come at a loss to you, and as a company, the same is true for us. We have extended it twice so far but will have SWITCH2NC for any additional transfers (also at a discount).

  164. […] up from The Snickle: “Anticipating a backlash, GoDaddy competitor has already swooped in. The company is running a transfer from GoDaddy to for .com, .net and .org domains […]

  165. Cristina says:

    This is for all the misinformed. I am sick of seeing comments from people who are not educated with what goes on with elephant hunts in zimbabwe…

  166. […] on past history there will probably be millions who go along with the campaign. GoDaddy competitor, has also jumped into the contreversy and hopes to benefit by offereing a $4.99 domain transfer […]

  167. I would like to transfer but I want to keep all my domains under one umbrella. I have about 30 domains. If your special is only for 10, what will the others cost?

  168. Marla, coupon code SWITCH2NC will bring down the cost to $7.99, I believe!

  169. […] GoDaddy and has asked others to follow suit. A rival to GoDaddy, Namecheap, has even gone so far as offering to donate $4.99 per domain transfer to Save the […]

  170. Marcella says:

    Thank you, but why stop at TEN, I was going to transfer many more plus a website!

  171. Tony Kay says:

    Christina, thank you for the excellent article. Regardless of the numbers of elephants or villagers that are “threatened”, Parsons (yes, a rich, old white guy) decided to take it on himself to slaughter an intelligent animal when he could’ve actually done some GOOD with his money. He’s a warped, twisted creep and I thank NC for making it easy for me to leave them behind.

    Their service is sub-par anyway, but that hadn’t been enough reason prior to switch as I only have a few domains. Now that I know their CEO is a sociopath, and NC is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper, I have more than enough reason to bail.

    I also took the time to drop an e-mail to “Make sure when one of your competitor’s CEOs decides to destroy an elephant for no other reason than his own twisted pleasure to offer a deal where transferring domains away from those dicks is cheap, fast and easy.”

    Everyone who switches away should do something similar so they know how much business they’ve lost as well as how many people are now badmouthing them to others.

  172. lynn allen says:

    i was about to launch another web page and will never give my business to a person like that. keep up the work. he should room with micheal vick, godaddy elephant killer, micheal vick dog killer.

  173. Leo says:

    BOB the murderer. The scandalous girls with big boobs appearing over their ads over the years gave us a hint of what Bob really thinks. Now we know this guy is just an animal killer. What’s next? Pedobear?

  174. I’ve been a GoDaddy customer for almost a decade and was horrified to read about Bob Parsons’ thrill killing. After reading his transparent defense and claims that elephant conservationists are not his customers, I dumped them. Of all the registrars I could have chosen, I chose you because of your Save the Elephants promotion. The discount is sweet, but I like that you’re donating $1 per transfer.

    I’d like to share this promo with my website & social media fans, but there’s not enough time before it expires. I hope you’ll extend it. If so, I’d be happy to promote it for you.

  175. very cool coupon,
    I had transfered 2 domains to namecheap.

  176. Bal T'san Chin says:

    Hey Parsons,
    How’s that “substitute for a penis” workin’ out for a?

  177. Diane Garrod says:

    I didn’t see anywhere to put a coupon code when checking out and so it put my total in as $9.16. Tamara can you fix that for me on the back end so I can get the 4.99 transfer deal….I’ll say it here BYEBYEGD. Thank you.

  178. […] wealth to fund humane solutions to human/elephant conflicts.”Amen. And speaking of making a killing, how about GoDaddy’s rival, your protest by saying BYEBYEGD again and […]

  179. […] may be some funkiness in accessing as I move the domain to a different registrar (see here). If everything goes well, then you won’t notice any changes to the site. *crossing […]

  180. […] a backlash, GoDaddy competitor has already swooped in. The company is running a transfer from GoDaddy to for .com, .net and .org domains […]

  181. […] at a parade of elephants in Zimbabwe, killing one started a GD backlash in the last few hours. Namecheap, a leading domain registrar based in Los Angeles, has offered a domain transfer special offering […]

  182. Mike says:

    if people really cared about feeding villagers instead of defending a CEO with a track record of douchebaggery, they’d be arguing in favor of replacing inefficient and exploitative hunting with sustainable farming, economic programs to help farmers and villages, developing infrastructure, developing sustainable eco-tourism that turns endangered elephants into an asset instead of a “threat”. But the truth is none of those people care about the villagers, they only care about defending a terrible old dude from “lefties” and “extremists” because they were taught from birth that people who care about things must be bad.

    Well done namecheap, I’ll look at you guys in the future when I need hosting.

  183. […] to support the cause and many are already claiming to have moved their business to competitors., demonstrating remarkable marketing creativity and agility, was quick to exploit this […]

  184. […] a backlash, GoDaddy competitor has already swooped in. The company is running a transfer from GoDaddy to for .com, .net and .org domains […]

  185. Horton says:

    I would like to see a counter of the donations to savetheelephants. You would not have to say that it is a counter of nodaddy’s lost business…

  186. Giles Dawe says:

    What happens when I switch my domains – I get free registration cloaking and 1 year’s extra registration?

    I thought transferring TO godaddy is free, so why do you charge?

    Also Godaddy have promos for new/renewals for less than 7.99 (inc fee) can you do this too?

  187. Ian says:

    just transferred all of mine that were eligible. thanks for making it so ridiculously easy!

  188. Dan Collis-Puro says:

    I have no problem with the idea that elephants must be killed – unfortunately, when ecosystems are out of balance, this kind of wildlife management has to be practiced as a short-term solution. I do have a problem with godaddy’s consistent pandering to beer-throwing, NASCAR loving neanderthals, and Bob Parsons claiming to be a humanitarian when really he just wanted an excuse to kill an elephant. The company apparently wants to impress macho idiots that enjoy killing, and that’s not me. See ya, godaddy.

  189. Paul says:

    I handled tons of websites through GoDaddy. I have recently been bouncing back and forth between NameCheap and GoDaddy. I’m all NameCheap now. Transferred all of my domains expiring in 2011. Thanks for this offer. I’m an vegetarian and this is absolutely disgusting and absurd to me. I also have a very good understanding of what goes on over there. It is sad but this is just uncalled for. GoDaddy will never see another dime from me or the company I work for. (which has over 100 domains through GoDaddy.)

  190. Jeremy says:

    Just so everyone knows, you should get a request for your domain’s EPP code from namecheap after you switch.

    GoDaddy hides this a bit by calling it the “Authorization Code” instead. You can log in to your domain and request the Authorization Code to be e-mailed to you. It is a 16 digit code containing numbers 0-9 and letters A-F.

  191. […] Go Daddy competitor, Namecheap, is inviting attention to the controversy and has launched a promotion in which you can transfer […]

  192. Huy Thanh says:

    Transfered all 3 of my domains from GoDaddy to Namecheap.

    Screw you GoDaddy CEO. Elephants don’t deserve to die, especially not at the hands of a scumbag like you.

  193. Kalliste says:

    This video was all kinds of grotesque. I wouldn’t have minded so much if his goal was to help the people but the way he was posing in those photos shows what his real intentions were.

    Also, the fact that they left the elephant there for the people to scavenge off the next morning? Why not have done it themselves that night and distributed it to people the next day?

    This is more than shooting an elephant, he seems to take pride in killing it and shooting the chaos after the fact.

    What did he do, long term, to help these people?

    There is no doubt the elephants will return.

  194. Marcella says:

    What is the link so that we can get the donation and the lower price???

  195. steve says:

    yo namecheap i want to move 500 domains to you guys. hit me up with a bulk discount

  196. Vidkid says:

    Hi Tamar,
    I understand that you can’t continue the full promotion on the transfers due to a loss on each one. However, can you consider a $1 donation for each normal transfer using the SWITCH2NC coupon? Or create a new longer term promotion that allows you to make a reasonable profit and still offer the donation to Save the Elephant’s? I’d feel better about transferring my 20 domains on Monday when I am back at work and can deal with the process.

  197. Marcella, we have to cap it because we’re losing $ per domain. You can still use the coupon code SWITCH2NC which does discount transfers as well.

    Diane, I am afraid I personally cannot, but if you speak to our sales support team, you can do so. That said, the promotion ends tonight, so you’d have to do so quickly.

    Giles, we add a year of registration, hence the cost.

    Marcella, the coupon code of BYEBYEGD is all you need.

    Vidkid, we must also cap the donations. The coupon code expires tonight.

  198. I’d love to invite Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons to my country, the Philippines. There we will do the same thing to him as he did to the elephant in the video

  199. Horton says:

    still trying to get baddaddy to give up my domains. had to disable domainsbyproxy too

  200. Marty Friedq says:

    I don’t need any excuse to transfer my domains to Namecheap, nor to transfer away from GoDaddy, if I were ever crazy enough to use them (I never have, but my son did, and I’ll try to get him to transfer).

    I sometimes have to use GoDaddy for certain clients, and I hate it every time!

  201. […] and family bonds.”For those who want to rid themselves of GoDaddy, their competitor “Namecheap is inviting attention to the controversy and has launched a promotion in which you can transfer […]

  202. Giles Dawe says:

    Ok transferring now, yes the confusing thing was that I need to click Authorize Code by Email in the Godaddy Domain panel and then go to Pending Transfers and enter the code on NC.

    One thing guys, why don’t you have an email recommend form setup on this page/the site…so we can directly recommend this offer to our Godaddy domain pals?

  203. Angela says:

    Join facebook page aginst bob parsons –

  204. […] those who want to rid themselves of GoDaddy, their competitor “Namecheap is inviting attention to the controversy and has launched a promotion in which you can transfer […]

  205. Kytti says:

    Just changed my registration and posted the info on my Facebook page

  206. John B says:

    I just transferred 10 domains from GoDaddy, Parson’s is an idiot. He does not connect the dots to what is happening in the world. He is a sexist and a speciesist.

  207. Just passing by to send my love to namecheap (the best company in existence).
    I love how namecheap actually care about their customers and animals and are truly an ethical company.
    I have always stuck by namecheap for this reason!
    GoDaddy must die, NameCheap must be the leading Domain Registrar!

  208. BSue says:

    Those of you who’ve already done it, or somebody with NC, can you explain how to do the transfer? Sorry, I’m an Internet ignoramus. Saw some postings about how GD makes it difficult.

  209. Hi Bsue, sure can. Here’s a guide for GoDaddy users. Hope it helps! If you need further assistance, feel free to contact our support team.

  210. […] US-based registrars including Namecheap & are also attempting to woo GoDaddy customers away with special transfer […]

  211. Rhonda says:

    If Bob was really doing it for the good of humanity, why fly over there and make the kill himself? Why not pay a local professional to do the job, save the carbon footprint on flying him and his photographer over there and donate his first class flight costs and accomodation toward building fencing and other farming support. Bob Parsons does not love animals or other people and clearly does not understand his customer base!

  212. Sarah says:

    The thing that bothers me is the fact that he’s smiling and SITTING on the elephant…like some common poacher.

    I feel for the villages who have to live in fear of the elephants…but humans are encroaching on THEIR habitat. Not the OTHER WAY AROUND.

  213. Tara says:

    I’m in the process of pulling ALL of the domains and hosted sites which I have control over off of GoDaddy. Thanks for extending the special for another day! This is a definite pain in the butt process but worth the effort. He won’t get another penny from me!

  214. Tara says:

    For those who want some help with getting their sites and domains off GoDaddy, here’s a great walkthrough from GOOD

  215. Sarah says:

    Bye Bye Daddy badges you can display on your blogs and sites just for fun. Spread the word :)

  216. Tusk79 says:

    Just asked my association to switch domains!

  217. […] the social masses do the heavy work. On March 31 the company announced via Twitter and on the company blog that it would be offering domain name transfers from Go Daddy at a reduced price and a one dollar […]

  218. to all the comments that say that “there really is a problem because there are too many elephants” and that Bob is actually “helping” I would ike for you to consider the fact that the human population is getting too large for this planet… what would your solution be there? hunting is an idiots solution to any so called problem!

  219. […] attempting to take value of the company’s PR mistake pas: NameCheap has additionally posted the domain send suggest upon the blog for consumers who were confounded by Parsons’s movement as well as has affianced to present $1 […]

  220. Linda Stacy says:

    For the people who are suggesting that the kill was a good thing because it fed the villagers, please consider:

    The text on one section of the video reads, “Even though the elephant was huge, there is not enough meat for everyone.”

    What will they have to eat tomorrow? It seems to me that someone with a genuine interest in feeding the hungry would look for a more permanent solution.

  221. Volo says:

    I recommend you put some elephant marketing on the homepage, guys. I mean, really, this is pure web marketing genius. I mean, what are the odds that an opportunity like this just lands in your lap?

  222. […] the behemoth of domain name registrars. Then had the brilliant idea to offer a BYEBYEGD promotion, slashing its price per transfer to $4.99 and donating $1 for each transfer to Save the Elephants. […]

  223. KarenSantaFe says:

    If you guys were REALLY SMART, you would keep this campaign going for a few more days. The heat is really building on the GoDaddy elephant killing outrage. And this is smart marketing AND smart business — the best of both world! Thanks for being a forward-thinking company!

  224. Nisha Rensel says:

    “Pride comes before a fall.” I don’t think the real problem most people have is with villagers eating, rather with the CEO being so prideful of showing his “kill” as a celebration. If you are really giving of yourself then you do not broadcast it trying to prove how wonderful you are. Just keep it to yourself- which would have saved him from alot of hassle this go around.

  225. […] GoDaddy rival attempting to take advantage of the company’s PR faux pas: NameCheap has also posted a domain transfer offer on its blog for consumers who were appalled by Parsons’s action and has pledged to donate $1 from each […]

  226. Dan S says:

    Bob Parsons domain name for sale [ ] Put up a save the elephants website in Bob’s name. Buy Now>

  227. […] In response, GoDaddy rival wants to seize the opportunity. They are offering “a transfer from GoDaddy to $4.99 transfers for com/net/org domains with 20% of proceeds going to” For more details, click here. […]

  228. […] animal lovers of the elephant kind are moving their domains away to Namecheap in droves), they extended it to April 4th at 11.59pm EST. There are only a few hours left, so grab it while you still have […]

  229. Greg Reim says:

    Windows firewall is the best “social network” tool. Block any “internet contact” with “” and Bob Parsons, a notorious premeditated elephant murderer.

    Run C:\Windows\SysWOW64\en-US\WF.msc (or simply WF.msc) to open “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security”.
    Click on “Inbound Rules” then from “Actions” select “New Rule”.
    Select a “custom” rule for “all programs” and “any protocol type” that applies to “remote IP addresses”. Add to “scope” “this IP address range”:
    from to
    from to
    from to
    from to

    Name this inbound rule “elephant killer” and create an identic outbound rule; if you know other IP ranges making business with Bob Parsons please make them public.

  230. Luke says:

    How about extending this one last time :) My clients really want to move their domains.

  231. Luke, afraid we can’t after 3 times, but you can use coupon code SWITCH2NC to do so now. :)

  232. Andrew says:

    Namecheap should make the elephant their mascot. Much more interesting than having a blimp.

  233. I don’t think we have a blimp right now. ;)

  234. Andrew Ferk says:

    This has been quite a discussion in the last week at the small web hosting and application company I work for. I’m against GoDaddy on this. I have over a dozen domains I would like to transfer from GoDaddy to Namecheap; is it possible that the coupon be extended?

    Thank you.

  235. Andrew, afraid we can’t extend any longer (we’ve had 3 extensions thus far) but you can use coupon code SWITCH2NC which is also a discount.

  236. Melanie says:

    I found this too late to switch and take part in the coupon (besides my newest domain isn’t 60 days old yet), but as soon as it hits 60 days I’m switching, coupon or no! Can’t support a company like that, I love my animals too much!

  237. […] some folks), Go Daddy competitor NameCheap jumped in to offer a discounted rate for anyone who wanted to switch from Go Daddy to NameCheap and donated money to save the […]

  238. Chris says:

    Hope you’ll let us know just how many domains were transferred / $ donated during your promotion! I transferred about 10 domains this weekend.. thanks!

  239. Hi Chris – we raised $20433 :) We announced elsewhere but you’re right – a blog announcement will come shortly!

  240. […] you know, this past weekend has been a very busy one for us at Namecheap. We recently ran a campaign to raise money for the endangered elephants in Africa. The promotion, in the form of a coupon code, would donate $1 per domain transferred to Namecheap […]

  241. Jacques says:

    Just to let you know – the YouTube video is not available anylonger – Parson had it removed.

  242. Jacques says:

    The first video has been removed from YouTube – by Parson
    (just to let you know)

  243. AL says:

    I’ve been a Godaddy customer for 10 years but today I transferred 26 domains to NameCheap. The actions of the CEO are based on ignorance and unwillingness to educate himself. Thanks NameCheap for your participation on getting the word out.

  244. Laura Fraser says:

    I think this is brilliant that you are making a bold statement and encouraging godaddy users to come over to you, donating money as they do to support elephants. Well done!

  245. Memo says:

    Extend the coupon date and I will transfer over my domains… Just heard about this yesterday.

  246. Memo says:

    I am not really asking for the discount, I am asking for the donation to be made.

  247. Memo, we are considering all contributions to those who have asked directly – feel free to place an order and provide us with your order number in a ticket, and we’ll add that to the final tally. :)

  248. Eliphant says:

    you better spend money to IMPROVE your site .
    and you should send 1 $ / domain to Oxfam or others ..

  249. I hope bob parsons ROTS IN HELL!

  250. R says:

    Just started researching alternate registrars in order to transfer 10 domains away from GoDaddy (plus another 20 I was about to transfer TO them). Disappointed that the coupon was good for such a short period of time. Better to make the coupon less of a deal and last longer.

  251. matt says:

    Ron, you can still use “SWITCH2NC” for discounted transfers in

  252. Juan says:

    Just made ​​the transfer from Godaddy to Namecheap.
    Thank you

  253. […] up from The Snickle: “Anticipating a backlash, GoDaddy competitor has already swooped in. The company is running a transfer from GoDaddy to for .com, .net and .org domains […]

  254. Jessica Lee says:

    There’s enough evidence that proves that Bob is the one that’s misinformed and being ignorant in terms of elephant overpopulation. Even if any of what Bob says is true, I do not want to use their service and see my money go to such an ignorant person who thinks killing “a problem elephant” is not a big deal.

    People should try harder to figure out how to co-exist with the animals! What are the elephants supposed to do when so much of their habitat has been destroyed and so many of their loved ones were killed by humans???

  255. EJ says:

    I just saw this news, it is utterly disgusting.

    Can I still take up the offer to transfer to Namecheap per your deal above?

    Thank you.

  256. […] públicas. Por otro lado, los competidores han aprovechado la situación como por ejemplo, compañía de dominios y “hosting” de Internet, quienes han ofrecido un precio más económico […]

  257. acne no more says:

    Isn’t what he has done illegal? I am transferring all of my domains now and won’t be giving Nodaddy any more money

  258. matt says:

    This promotion expired but we still have a special deal on transfers. Use the coupon code “SWITCH2NC” when you checkout and you get a significant discount.

  259. […] the link below to make this KIND transfer to a new website host: This entry was posted in Food by stateofkind. Bookmark the permalink. LikeBe the first to like […]

  260. Can you please extend your offer again? I JUST learned about this! I am so disgusted, just horrific behavior. No more GoDaddy for me, EVER. What a terrible person he is.

  261. Hi Alexandra, we really wish we could, but unfortunately the $4.99 offer is not valid any longer. Use coupon code SWITCH2NC for a discounted transfer. Thank you!

  262. Thanks for the quick reply.. Namecheap is really smart for stepping up with their offer, but they should extend for awhile. Some of us are just now learning about this.

  263. Parsons was clearing doing himself a favor. I you looke at his company’s advertising record and glorification of women on his site, it’s pretty clear. Do yourself a favor and boycott Go Daddy. Congrats to NameCheap for being … human.

  264. Edward says:

    Shame on Go Daddy’s CEO.Thanks for the great offers Namecheap.

  265. […] of some makes the happiness of others, when NameCheap a competitor of GoDaddy, was fast enough taking advantage and offering transfers of .com, .net and .org from GoDaddy to them for $4.99- and 20% of the […]

  266. John says:

    Goddady has poor business ethics, I have been looking to transfer and found this thread today.
    EPP code here:
    thanks namecheap!

  267. John Doe says:

    Come on Tamar, extended it through out the month of April, otherwise I will have to take my business to another registrar offering a better deal …

  268. John, we have a current coupon code of SWITCH2NC. As for why we as a company cannot extend the code, please read Paul’s great explanation here.

  269. […] reading that, a competitor, recently ran a promotion to raise money for the endangered elephants in Africa I decided it was time to leave GoDaddy. […]

  270. Harry says:

    Wow. I’m happy as hell I already cancelled my last remaining GoDaddy domain a few weeks ago.
    I hope everybody does the same and this guy gets fired like NOW.

  271. Em says:

    Any chance you’ll extend this yet again? I need it in about a week. (That’s when I’d be able to transfer domains.) Thanks!!

  272. Apologies Em, we cannot offer the BYEBYEGD coupon, but you can get a discounted transfer with code SWITCH2NC.

  273. Jimmy says:

    Namecheap your a scumbag for taking advantage of this disaster, godaddy sux too

  274. Em says:

    Harry, he can’t get fired he owns the company.

    Thanks Tamar, will use that.

  275. […] I recently switched over from GoDaddy during the big “Bob Parsons shoots an elephant” kerfluffle.  I don’t hold GoDaddy in quite the contempt they probably deserve, but […]

  276. […] response to the video, NameCheap launched a domain name transfer special. Namecheap is offering to transfer your domain name for $4.99. In addition, for each transfer […]

  277. […] think I’ll switch to Namecheap because they’re offering cheap transfer fees and donating money to to give customers a non-murdering alternative to GoDaddy. posted under […]

  278. Track IP says:

    Everyone should join and protest this inhuman act.

  279. […] have called for people to buycot the company & NameCheap, a Godaddy competitor are offering vouchers to anyone switching over from Godaddy & giving one dollar of the purchase to The Save The Elephant Organization. (The Voucher is […]

  280. Deborah says:

    Parsons act was the single most disturbing thing I have ever seen from somebody I do business with. Makes me want to begin to look into the leadership behind companies I utilize in partnership on the web like I never thought before. Last year I had finally completed moving 5 clients and over 100 domains/hostings to GoDaddy, and I simply cannot stomach this CEO, and will begin the TREK again.

  281. […] Bob Parsons infamous elephant hunt. It made me want to switch and I was recommended to try elephant-friendly namecheap. so far I like them – they have far fewer marketing annoyances when buying and managing […]

  282. […] a backlash, GoDaddy competitor has already swooped in. The company is running a transfer from GoDaddy to for .com, .net and .org domains […]

  283. […] reading about Go Daddy’s CEO Bob Parsons killing an elephant and Namecheap’s offer as a response to what Parson’s killing a Elephant and posting the video, I decided to […]

  284. […] fast! – If you do not, your competitors will! Always be on your toes to identify the customers who leave. It is a great idea to ask for feedback […]

  285. […] to Confront the “Tablet Effect” Mouse here for Related LinksNamecheap BlogShare […]

  286. […] Namecheap Blog » Transfer for $4.99 and Help Save the Elephants is offering special $4.99 domain transfers through Friday, and they’re donating $1.00 to “Save the Elephants” with each transfer. […]

  287. […] you might want to move them. Wonkette uses Namecheap, which is offering a very pain-free way to transfer your domains from Go Daddy. (This is not an ad, we are just repulsed by Go Daddy. If you have another easy/moral way to […]

  288. Ace Gem says:

    I’m always having problem with my domains at godaddy!!! I just do not know how to use namecheap yet but heard about it many times…

  289. Ace – please let us know how we can help! Our staff is here to answer any questions 24/7:

  290. Joao says:

    I would shoot him. There is a lot o f guys like him, im sure he wouldn’t extinct. What a messed up world.

  291. Hey,any new coupon code available?I need one.please help me

  292. Timber says:

    Holy cow, I’m real glad I found this, I am in the process of transferring all 16 of my domains AWAY from godaddy to namecheap- phuck godaddy and parson’s blood lust for murdering animals!
    I really REALLY like namecheap now,the lack of those STUPID interminable ads and offers GD has every time you access the control panel is real nice, plus I’m saving money on my domains.

    Wish I knew baout this offer before now, but skrew godaddy, I’m out of there totally in about 2 weeks once my last domain there can be moved OUT.

  293. Timber says:

    Oh, and I JUST sent godaddy a message today about WHY I transferred my domains away, I copied over the story about parson’s elephant murder to their feedback form and sent it in :)

  294. Tina says:

    I’m leaving for Thailandi in a couple of weeks where my activities will include volunteering at an elephant sanctuary. I’m sad that I found this out about godaddy too late, but nonetheless, I switched over to Namecheap this morning. What kind of elephant activist would I be if I supported something so evil? Thanks!

  295. […] money for is elephants. I want them out of zoos and I want them out of circuses. So when I saw GoDaddy’s founder hunted elephants, I had no choice. I couldn’t be a hypocrite and I had to turn my back on GoDaddy. When I […]

  296. Interesting post, this was really useful. thanks!

  297. When’s your next “cheap” transfer promotion going to be?

  298. Kathleen, we can’t say for sure since we don’t plan them out too far in advance but SWITCH2NC is a $7.99 transfer code that you can use right now.

  299. Elba Feltner says:

    Great – I should definitely say I’m impressed with your website. I had no trouble navigating through all the tabs and related info. It ended up being truly easy to access. Great job.

  300. […] think all of us at CivicActions were disgusted by Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons’ vacation video featuring him murdering an elephant in Zimbabwe (and the subsequent butchering of that elephant by local villagers wearing Go Daddy […]

  301. I know this is an old post now but I am very disgusted by this act. I think it is a very unfair act and obviouslly GoDaddy are up and down a lot lately.

    I have 1 site with GoDaddy but another site using NameCheap, I will keep a look out for any promotions you have as I really respoect your efforts towards something like this.

    Holly X

  302. Aman says:

    Oh my god! Hei Go Daddy… You are Bad Daddy. Boycott them!

  303. OMG what’s going on with Godaddy? this is so inhumane why would they want to promote such a thing?

  304. Issac Wiacek says:

    A powerful share, I just given this onto a colleague who was performing a bit evaluation on this. And he really bought me breakfast as a result of I discovered it for him.. smile. So let me reword that: Thnx for the deal with! Nevertheless yeah Thnkx for spending the time to debate this, I actually feel strongly about it and enjoy reading more on this topic. If potential, as you turn out to be expertise, would you thoughts updating your weblog with a lot more particulars? It’s highly beneficial for me. Huge thumb up for this weblog put up!

  305. Outstanding post, I conceive people should learn a lot from this weblog its rattling user pleasant. “You don’t have to deserve your mother’s love. You have to deserve your father’s.” by Robert Frost.

  306. […] PR-owym refleksem wykazała się konkurencyjna firma, która zaoferowała rabat dla osób lub firm, które zdecydują się na rezygnację z usług […]

  307. CENTRIOHOST says:

    Why not Namecheap allocate more than 10 domains with the coupon BYEBYEGD to each customers. Its a good coupon but may person have more domains with GD want to switch 2 NC.

  308. The cost is so low that we have to put a limit on the discount. Please use code SWITCH2NC for any transfer above 10.

  309. sports news says:

    Hi. Nice, interesting post, and a minor as is also. We discovered a new challenge these days!

  310. anyone mind to share a new coupon for new domain registration? I really need one.

  311. Brent says:

    I’ve known about this for years but up to now I still find it unbelievable that people could do such things to animals.

    I hated GoDaddy for it but this isn’t the only reason to not use them (after all they have a new CEO now AFAIK). It’s just NameCheap is better in all respects so why should I burden myself and use GoDaddy? ;)

    I <3 NameCheap!

  312. Tim says:

    Transfered 5 domains to Namecheap, welcome the Elephants day 2014

  313. Andr says:

    Is the offer exnteded to the end of August. Mean we still can transfer domains using that coupon now ?


  314. Andr, this post is from 2011 so it’s not valid at all, but the 2014 promotion is still active through 8/31.

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