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Posted by Kate on 25th November 2014

Bitcoin Black Friday

As the first major domain registrar to accept Bitcoin as a payment option, we’ve always been huge proponents of the currency and its potential to breathe new life into the payments ecosystem.

That’s why Namecheap is proudly teaming up with Bitcoin Black Friday to offer a sweet deal to Bitcoin users. We encourage everyone to get involved with using this great new form of currency.

On Black Friday (Friday Nov. 28, 2014), any time you add 0.1 Bitcoin to your Namecheap account we’ll include a bonus – an extra 20% midnight to 2am, an extra 15% 2am to 6am, and an extra 10% 6am to 11:59pm. All times listed are EST.

Check out for more info.

Posted by Kate on 24th October 2014

Happy Birthday, Namecheap!


Guess who’s having a birthday? Namecheap, that’s who. October 24 marks 14 years of life for this domain registrar and web host. There would be no Namecheap without Namecheap customers, so it’s obvious that the only way to celebrate is with a special birthday offer designed just for you, our loyal customers.

For one day only, October 24, you get $1 off the yearly price for any .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info renewal. It’s Namecheap’s birthday gift to you. There are no limits, and multi-year renewals are A-OK. If you renew for 5 years, you save $5.

You don’t need a coupon code to take advantage of this offer. Simply select which domain(s) to renew from inside your account, and the reduced price will be applied to your shopping cart. Click for details. Thanks for making the last 14 years so great!

Posted by Kate on 17th October 2014

A handy ccTLD guide from Namecheap


The internet is the natural habitat for the modern global citizen. Though the human race continues to physically migrate over country borders at an ever-increasing rate, the internet is one of the most potent tools of globalization. It fosters digital friendships between Lagos and London, and Bangkok and Baghdad, even between people who sit on opposite sides of the office.

However, the internet does still respect old-fashioned borders sometimes. One such example is the use of ccTLDs (country code top-level domains). These two-letter identifiers sit on the end of our domains, informing us of the country of origin or association. These ccTLDs help us decipher some of the mystery of the online global community. Stumble across a .ca domain, and you know you’re dealing with a Canadian site. But, of course, this isn’t a completely definitive rule. Many radio stations use the .fm identifier to convey their original broadcasting method, but that certainly doesn’t mean they’re all located in the Federal States of Micronesia.

So, .ru wondering what a particular domain stands for? Ever wonder if a domain owner is one of .us? Well, thanks to our guide, now it’s easy to find out everyone’s .id! Okay, .nf of that.

Take a little time to play with the map. It includes useful extra information, such as restrictions for acquiring certain ccTLDs. This could be helpful if you want to name your new domain creatively – in the same manner as and – or it may simply improve your internet repertoire, allowing you to pinpoint locations for some of the cool pages you encounter while browsing.
Check out the map here:


Posted by Kate on 22nd September 2014

New Namecheap iOS App


You’re on the go, so you need to be able to handle business on the go. We get it. Our new iOS app provides the mobile freedom you crave: Use it to register domain names, manage settings, add funds to your account, even submit support tickets, all from your iPhone or iPad.

And for a limited time, you can register or transfer your .com domain for only $5.88 when you download the free Namecheap app. First, visit the Apple App Store and download it. Then, use the app to register or transfer your .com and enter coupon code NCIOS at checkout. Head to the app store now!

Posted by Kate on 2nd September 2014

Dear FCC: Please Don’t Flush Away Net Neutrality


Here at Namecheap, we believe strongly in free and open Internet for all – and that’s why we think it’s vital to spread the word about net neutrality before it’s too late. Read on for more info!

What’s net neutrality?

Net neutrality is about equal treatment for all Internet users. It’s the idea that everyone should have equal access to all content on the Internet. We believe that Internet service providers should not be allowed to discriminate when it comes to content delivery.

Who’s this FCC?

The FCC is the Federal Communications Commission. They are the US government agency in charge of regulating wire, radio, TV, and cable communications for the nation.

What’s the problem?

Lately, the FCC seems intent on creating an Internet “fast lane.” This means that broadband providers like Comcast and Time Warner would be allowed to offer big companies faster content delivery, leaving smaller startups and individuals in slower tiers.

So let’s send the FCC a message!

If you think a slow lane is wrong, and if you want to continue having full access to the Internet you know and love, then help us tell the FCC not to flush away our rights. Visit and…

• Check out the music video posted there – it’s a message for the FCC.  Watch it, share it, sing it in the shower.

• Help us raise funds for online freedom fighters Fight for the Future – and get a fab deal on a domain name at the same time. One-year transfers $3.88 and first-year registrations $5.88!

• Sign the petition to preserve net neutrality.

The fight is far from over. Stay tuned to Namecheap for more opportunities to take positive action on this important issue.

Posted by Kendra Hayes on 8th August 2014

Save $ and Elephants When You Transfer

What do domain transfers have to do with saving elephants? Not much. But here at Namecheap, we can’t help it. We love Planet Earth and all its inhabitants. We know it’s our responsibility to care for the world we live in. That’s why we recycle everything that can be recycled, in all our offices. That’s why we help raise funds for conservation organizations every year on Earth Day. And that’s why we’re honoring World Elephant Day this year.

World Elephant Day is August 12, 2014. Every day, 96 elephants are killed in Africa. We think that needs to stop. So, between August 12 and August 15, we offer this: Use coupon code SAVEDUMBO to transfer your .com, .net or .org domain to Namecheap for only $7.88 for the first year. We’ll give you the best customer service you’ve ever experienced in your life, and we’ll donate $1 to Save the Elephants for every transfer.

Click here to learn more. And thanks for helping Namecheap help wildlife.

Posted by Kendra Hayes on 8th August 2014

Auto-Renew Works for You

It turns out that even an awesome company like Sony can overlook important-but-mundane tasks, such as renewing their domain registrations. The company’s gaming website recently went offline (temporarily, of course) because the domain expiration notices were landing in an unread email box. Click here to read the full story.

It can happen to anybody. So, we offer this friendly reminder: Set all your domains to auto-renew. It’s easy. Have a look at our Knowledgebase article to learn how.

Posted by Kendra Hayes on 14th July 2014

CISPA is Back

Privacy-invasive legislation has come back from the dead. This week marks the US Congress’ fourth attempt in four years to pass “cybersecurity” legislation. The recently introduced Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) strongly resembles 2012’s CISPA, which Namecheap customers helped fight and defeat.

CISA goes even further than CISPA did, granting companies more power to gather user communication data and turn it over to the government without a warrant, including sending info to the NSA. CISA also gives companies broad immunity to spy on and even launch countermeasures against potentially innocent users.

Want to get involved? Click here to read EFF’s full article on the issue and/or click here to email your US Representatives and let your voice be heard. CISA is moving through Congress right now – there’s no time to waste. Thanks for joining the fight for our online privacy and internet freedom.

Posted by Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager on 1st June 2014

International Options & Other New TLDs


A wide range of unique, useful and unusual new top-level domains are headed our way in June. On the 2nd, .xyz becomes available for general registration. And on the 4th, we have these seven new options: .futbol, .reviews, .social, .properties, .condos, .maison and .tienda. Visit the registration page to select your new domain names today.

Posted by Matt Russell on 1st April 2014

Don’t be fooled; our new Dedicated Servers are real!

That’s right. It may be April 1st but we’ve upgraded our entire dedicated server range to offer faster hardware, more bandwidth, more management options and the latest in server hardware.

All our servers feature Intel Xeon CPUs

All our servers feature Intel Xeon CPUs

Some of the features of our new dedicated server range are:

  • The latest Intel Xeon E3 version 3s, starting from just $99 (E3-1230 v3 / 8GB RAM / 1TB Hard Drive is $99 per month)
  • A range of SSD hard disk options
  • The latest Intel Xeon E5 version 2s, starting from just $329 (Dual E5-2620 / 32GB RAM / 2 x 1TB Hard Drives is just $329)
  • More management options. Choose from Self Managed, Managed and Fully Managed
  • A range of Operating Systems, including the popular CloudLinux
  • 20TB bandwidth as standard with each server
  • Deployment time of 4 hours or under
  • 100% network uptime guarantee


So don’t be fooled by our low prices for the latest hardware. Purchase your dedicated server today at