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Posted by Matt Russell on 1st April 2014

Don’t be fooled; our new Dedicated Servers are real!

That’s right. It may be April 1st but we’ve upgraded our entire dedicated server range to offer faster hardware, more bandwidth, more management options and the latest in server hardware.

All our servers feature Intel Xeon CPUs

All our servers feature Intel Xeon CPUs

Some of the features of our new dedicated server range are:

  • The latest Intel Xeon E3 version 3s, starting from just $99 (E3-1230 v3 / 8GB RAM / 1TB Hard Drive is $99 per month)
  • A range of SSD hard disk options
  • The latest Intel Xeon E5 version 2s, starting from just $329 (Dual E5-2620 / 32GB RAM / 2 x 1TB Hard Drives is just $329)
  • More management options. Choose from Self Managed, Managed and Fully Managed
  • A range of Operating Systems, including the popular CloudLinux
  • 20TB bandwidth as standard with each server
  • Deployment time of 4 hours or under
  • 100% network uptime guarantee


So don’t be fooled by our low prices for the latest hardware. Purchase your dedicated server today at




Posted by tc on 28th November 2013

Namecheap Swag: You Asked for It. And now we’ve got it.

Over the years, you may have wondered why you haven’t seen Namecheap swag out in the wild. It’s not uncommon to see tees, stickers, and hoodies from other tech companies that you love, so why not Namecheap? Well, frankly it’s long overdue but we are thrilled to announce the launch of our merch store, with fancy new t-shirts, hoodies, and stickers. As one of our holiday deals, we’ll be offering a 50% discount on select items from Friday (11/29) 12:00AM EST to Monday (12/2) 11:59PM. We have limited inventory so be sure to stock up to ensure that you get your items in time for the holidays.


So now that you have the lowdown on the store, you’re probably wondering about the new logo that you see on all of the items. We haven’t publicly released it yet but you may have seen a sneak peek on our social media channels or in person at conferences. We will be launching a new site design soon, which will feature this new logo and a beautiful new clean layout. In the meantime, make sure you snag one of our super comfy tees or hoodies to be one of the first to don our new logo.

Note: The store is powered by the fine folks over at United Pixelworkers, purveyors of custom designed apparel.

Posted by Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager on 26th June 2013

4 Reasons to Own a Personal Domain Name

If you’re building an online presence, your name is one of the easiest ways to maintain your online presence. Here are four reasons why you should own a personal domain name:

Protect Your Reputation

What are people finding when they search for your name? Are they seeing your Facebook page? Your Twitter feed? That picture of you partying just a little too hard in Vegas when you were 19 years old? (What happens in Vegas gets posted online these days.) If you owned your <firstname><lastname>.com, you could control your online reputation and push down all those negative search results.

How does that work? There are books and books in ORM (online reptuation management), but the idea is simple: put great content on your web page and link to the good stuff. There’s more where that came from, but that’s the idea.

Showcase Your Talents

Are you great at web design? A funny videographer? A budding artist? A poet? Or are you none of these, but still have a great curriculum vitae or resume you want everyone to know about? Create a web page that showcases your web portfolio, your video library, your paintings, and your published and unpublished works. This is your website and it’s where you can shine.

Establish Authority

More and more people these days establish themselves as authority figures by creating their own space on the web. One of the easiest ways to do that is with a blog. Write about your passions, your dreams, or your professional experience, and use that as a way to establish authority. You never know, if you keep it up, you may grow a following! Plus, this is how you protect your reputation and showcase your talents. You get it all.

Maintain a Professional [Email] Presence

I don’t know about you, but it looks better to have a <firstname><lastname>.pw email than a or a If nothing else, get a personal domain so that you have a professional email address. It’s that easy.

Here are examples of personal domain names from some of our Namecheap customers:

Chris Pederick

Jack L. Moore

Jeff Epstein

David Airey

In short, a personal domain name helps protect your reputation and is a professional way to showcase your wares and to exert authority in the saturated online space. Why not buy your personal domain today?

Posted by Juliet, Director of Internal Operations on 31st March 2013

Namecheap Announces Their New Crystal Ball Technology: The Guesstimator™ (patent pending)!

Everyone knows that finding the right products and services can be difficult and taxing on your brain. Namecheap has come up with a way to remove the need for you to think at all. Today they announced the most innovative solution to hit the market, yet – the Guesstimator™ (patent pending).

Like magic, the Guesstimator™ instinctively knows not only everything you want but everything you need both for your website and your life, in general. Need every domain extension known to man? We know you do. Need 20 random applications for your web hosting? You bet it’ll add them for you. Forgot your father’s birthday? The Guesstimator™ just knows and will automatically add that Chia® Pet, electronic shaving kit, and subscription to the fruit of the month club right to your cart. Who could ask for anything more?

No more worries about those missed opportunities. The Guesstimator™ has you covered. Don’t take our word for it, though. Try it today and experience the magic for yourself!







Thank you for playing along.

To learn more about the real Namecheap, check out the links below or return to our real homepage now.

About Us: Learn about Namecheap 

Fight Against CISPA: Join Namecheap and EFF in the fight to protect privacy & Learn more about how you can help

The Namecheap Team


Posted by Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager on 13th March 2013

Want to know more about domains? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you know everything there is to know about domain names? Perhaps you do, but perhaps you don’t. Our team has put together the most exhaustive domain name infographic ever, covering everything from the pros and cons of generic TLDs to the top gTLD registries to details on ccTLDs, to the traffic by TLD, and more.

Check it out. For the full sized graphic, click here.

Namecheap-Infograph-Final_ 12 03500

Posted by Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager on 29th January 2013

Join Us This Weekend for Our Super Weekend Trivia Contest

Hey Namecheap fans! We’re posting to let you know that our annual Super Bowl themed trivia is happening THIS WEEKEND! Starting midnight EST on February 2nd, we’ll be asking trivia questions hourly for a chance to win domains, Apple products, and a one year advanced dedicated server!

The rules are simple: follow us on Twitter and answer our questions. We’ll be awarding domain name credits to the first four who answer correctly AND we’ll also be choosing four random winners among those who answered correctly for a chance to win a $10.87 domain name credit. You can win up to 2 domain name credits in this contest, one per day.

We’ll also be awarding grand prize winners an iPad 3, an iPad mini, and a 1 year plan on our advanced dedicated server.

For more information on our contest, visit the Super Weekend Trivia Contest 2013 page.

You will join us, right? We hope to see you! Enjoy the Super Bowl no matter where you are on us! :)

Posted by Matt Russell on 23rd January 2013

Our Winter Hosting Sale

Looking for a good deal on hosting? Or perhaps you have your sites hosted elsewhere and suffer from shoddy performance or unreliable uptime? There’s never been a better time to move your website hosting to Namecheap. Our Namecheap Winter Hosting Sale is offering even greater discounts on many of our different hosting types.


If you are looking to move to Namecheap, we’ll help you switch

  • We’ll transfer your account (or accounts) from another provider to our servers, free of charge
  • We’ll move all files, emails and databases over
  • We’ll help you configure DNS/Nameservers
  • We can assist with any email/FTP configuration issues or questions you may have


If you have hosting for multiple websites, you may wish to consider our reseller hosting platform. Originally designed as a way offering hosting to your own clients and becoming your own web host, reseller hosting is increasingly popular with clients who prefer to pay a single monthly fee to host multiple accounts. Our reseller platform is based around WebHostManager/cPanel and the following screenshots show you just how easy it is to host multiple accounts.

Create an account in seconds. Choose the domain, features and package limits on a per account basis.

List all of the accounts you’ve created and organize by domain, username, size and more.

Need to modify an account quickly? This and more is done through WHM.

Each account that you create comes with it’s own cPanel login and all of the features/functionality of a regular shared hosting plan. And with the first month of any reseller plan costing just $1, the time to sign up is now!

Posted by Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager on 14th January 2013

Namecheap Announces 2nd Annual Move Your Domain Day

Last year, our customers helped us raise more than $64,000 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation in the fight for our Internet freedom. With SOPA lingering, we told our lawmakers that we do not want a closed Internet.

SOPA in its iteration in 2012 may have been squashed, but we continually face threats to our Internet freedoms.

That’s why, in 2013, Namecheap plans to fight again for an open Internet with a new fundraiser for EFF. On January 22nd (EST), we will be observing our second annual Move Your Domain Day. Domain transfers during that 24 hour period for com, net, org, info, and biz domains will be $3.99*. In addition, we will be donating $0.50 for every domain transfer to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

But that’s not all. If there are more than 10,000 transfers to Namecheap on January 22nd, we will be donating $1 per domain transfer to EFF. If there are more than 20,000, we’ll be donating $1.50 for every domain transferred to us.

We hope you can join us in solidarity to ensure that our Internet stays open and free.

For more information regarding the 2nd Annual Move Your Domain Day, visit us here.

Prepare for your transfer by reading this document with our transfer tips.

* Limit 50 domains per household/business. ICANN fee of $0.18 will be added to .com and .net domains.

Posted by Juliet, Director of Internal Operations on 17th September 2012

Vote for Namecheap & Unlock a $0.99 Domain Special.

At Namecheap, we love our clients and we’re always striving to do the very best for you!

Namecheap has been nominated once again in Lifehacker’s “Best Domain Registrar” contest.

Help Namecheap win & then join in the celebration.   If we earn the title again, Namecheap will be offering a 24 hour $0.99 special on com/net/org registrations and transfers.

There are only a few hours left. So, take a minute and click here to cast your vote for Namecheap as the best Domain Registrar!   Voting ends on Sept 18th, 2012 at 6am Eastern. So, act now, tell your friends, and let’s unlock that $0.99 special!

Meanwhile, as a special thank you, we’re offering a coupon for a $7.98 com/net/org registration or transfer. Use coupon code ‘THEBEST‘ at checkout. (This coupon is available for a limited time, maximum 5 uses per user!)

Once again, we want to thank each and every one of our customers for their loyalty and support.

We simply would not be the best Registrar without you, the best customers in the world!

Thank you, and please remember to cast your vote for Namecheap as Best Registrar!

Team Namecheap 


Posted by Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager on 19th April 2012

Namecheap – Magical Customer Support

At Namecheap, we get all kinds of interesting support queries – however, “J” was determined to test whether his Namecheap support rep was really paying attention to his interests.  NC Team Member Eugene F. showed J that we’ll go the extra mile, even if it does involve a quiz afterwards!

Our support team was so impressed that we forwarded this chat to our CEO Richard Kirkendall.  He insisted we put it up on the blog and had this to say about the matter:

“Even though I don’t watch My Little Pony and can’t claim to be a Brony, I agree with “J” that friendship is indeed magic, and thank him for bringing this to our attention.  At Namecheap, we are always listening to what our customers have to say, each and every time we are contacted.”

- Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall

Read on:

08:09 “J”: do you like my little pony friendship is magic

08:09 “J”: /)^3^(\

08:10 Eugene F.: No, I like Simpsons and Futurama more =)

08:11 “J”: So you are not a brony

08:11 “J”: ?

08:12 Eugene F.: Nope :)

08:12 “J”: :(

08:12 “J”: You made me cry

08:13 Eugene F.: Hope you’re not disappointed too much, Julian =)

08:13 “J”: I am devastated

08:13 “J”: So much so

08:14 “J”: that I am considering to switch to another host for my domain :(

08:16 Eugene F.: Actually Ive never seen even an episode of MLP, but if this frustrates you, I can checek some ;)

08:16 “J”: Awesome go watch some my little pony friendship is magic

08:16 “J”: Rainbow Dash is pleased

08:17 “J”: Close what you have open on your computer

08:17 “J”: then open youtube

08:17 “J”: then get watching

08:17 “J”:

08:17 Eugene F.: Sure, I’ll check this out after I finish my shift. Thank you for the link by the way

08:18 “J”: Nope, do it right now

08:18 “J”: or I am switching hosts

08:18 Eugene F.: Just a moment, please

08:18 “J”: thanks :)

08:19 Eugene F.: Wow, unicorns!

08:19 “J”: Heck yeah

08:19 “J”: ponys are amazing

08:20 Eugene F.: I think I’m starting to like this stuff :)

08:20 “J”: after you finish I am going to quiz you

08:20 “J”: if all the answers are right I will leave you in peace

08:20 “J”: if not, I will leave namecheap forever

08:20 “J”: srsly

08:21 “J”: Are you watching it?

08:22 Eugene F.: I’m watching it right now, as promised

08:22 “J”: Great

08:25 “J”: Question 1. What is the name of the baby dragon

08:25 Eugene F.: Spike

08:26 “J”: Question 2. What is the name of the pony queen

08:26 “J”: *princess

08:27 Eugene F.: Princess Celestia

08:28 “J”: Question 3. What mode of transport does twilight sparkle use in the sky

08:29 Eugene F.: It is a kind of chariot

08:29 “J”: Good, yes :)

08:30 “J”: Question 4. What is twilight sparkles obsession

08:31 Eugene F.: Studying magic

08:31 “J”: :) Good

08:33 “J”: Question 5. What does Princess Celestia give twilight as her mission

08:34 Eugene F.: She has to study the “magic of friendship” and report what she finds

08:35 “J”: How far are you in the video?

08:36 Eugene F.: Almost finished watching this episode

08:36 Eugene F.: The first part, I mean

08:36 “J”: Tell me when you are finished and I will give you your final exam o3o

08:36 “J”: When you are finished with the first part tell me

08:36 “J”: :)

08:36 Eugene F.: Okay, I’m ready

08:39 “J”:  Final question:  Are you enlightened to the magic of friendship and  ready to join the herd of bronys, love and tolerate us forever?
08:41 “J”: :)

08:41 Eugene F.: Yes, I am :) I’m a Brony and I’m Proud

08:42 “J”: You are jesus christ, you are amazing

08:42 “J”: I need to talk to your supervisor

08:42 “J”: and tell him great things about you

08:42 “J”: :D

08:44 Eugene F.: You may leave a testimonial in our Forum as well

08:44 “J”: You are legitimity the best customer service rep ever, I want to randomly throw all my money at name cheap

08:45 “J”: Take it all

08:45 “J”: I will and feature your name :D

08:46 Eugene F.: Thank you for your kind feedback

08:46 “J”: You > God

08:47 “J”: seriously

08:47 “J”: just promise me you will watch more ponys after your shift :D

08:48 Eugene F.: Yep, at least I should finish this episode

08:48 “J”: :D

08:50 “J”: Amazing

08:51 Eugene F.: Is there anything else I can assist you with?

08:51 “J”: Nope, have an amazing day

08:52 Eugene F.: Thank you, have a great one too!

08:52 “J”: :D